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Deliver Exceptional Experiences with Verint Experience Management

People expect exceptional experiences at every interaction, and they provide signals everywhere about how your organization can deliver them.  Verint® can help you eliminate the barriers to delivering exceptional experiences to customers, employees, and others outside your business, across all communication channels. With our experience management cloud solutions, your organization can understand every interaction, prioritize improvements, orchestrate outcomes, and accelerate business impact.

Our solutions include:

  • Verint Unified Voice of the Customer™ – Provides a fully connected platform that enables you to listen, analyze, and act on customer interactions across channels. Through a single, comprehensive view, you can incorporate contact center conversations, as well as text-based customer feedback data from IVR, SMS, online surveys and customer-initiated digital feedback, along with operational data from contact center, digital, and location-based interactions.
  • Digital Feedback Management – Enables you to give customers a voice from within their customer experience (CX), completely on their terms, capturing rich context regarding their feedback, and then applying advanced analytics to take real-time, targeted action.
  • Verint Enterprise Feedback Management – Provides an enterprise-wide customer feedback capability for capturing highly segmented comments and sentiments through surveys and online communities, and pushing timely reports across the business.
  • Verint Enterprise Feedback Management – IVR Channel – Listen, analyze, and act on feedback in your interactive voice response system to enhance contact center and business performance.
  • Verint ForeSee – Measures the customer experience in digital channels and links improvements to business outcomes—with the ability to benchmark against peers and best-in-class in over 800 categories.
  • Verint Social Engagement – Collects, analyzes, and reports insights derived from content published to social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, online forums, and messaging services, such as Messenger.
  • Verint Speech Analytics – Mines recorded phone conversations to surface the intelligence essential for building effective cost containment, revenue generation, and customer service strategies.
  • Verint Speech Transcription – Transcribe all contact center calls to obtain insight for enhancing sales and customer experiences while reducing costs and customer churn.
  • Verint Text Analytics – Captures and analyzes customer interactions and sentiments across text-based communication channels, including survey responses, email, web chat, and social media sources.

With Verint Experience Management™ solutions, you can deliver best-in-class digital experiences using powerful data science, listen to contact center interactions at scale, capture the voice of the customer across channels, drill down to actual interactions, gather insights automatically, and prioritize initiatives based on customer and business impact.

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