Voice Biometrics Group

Voice Biometrics Group
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Voice Biometrics Group's (VBG) platform is a complete suite of functions to power any conceivable enterprise need for voice biometrics: enrollment, verification, classification, identification, and fraud detection.  Hosted, premise, or public cloud.  Active or passive speech.  Any language or dialect.  Any audio source.  Highly accurate, scalable, reliable, and secure.  REST, SOAP, VoiceXML, and Streaming Media APIs provide developers with a wealth of integration options for our services.

The VBG Platform also features many native platform plug-ins, allowing voice biometric functionality to be quickly integrated with existing applications running on Amazon Connect, Aspect, Plum Voice, Telnyx, and Twilio, among others.  We also have a growing suite of authentication plug-ins, including Microsoft ADFS Server, Windows Credential Provider, and RADIUS Server. 

VBG has been in business 12 years and is privately owned.  We have production deployments in 13 countries, covering over 40 languages.  VBG is focused solely on voice biometric software and delivery systems, featuring the latest DNN algorithms and processing techniques.