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February 18, 2009


Submitted for Your Approval

SpeechTEK attendees conduct hands-on evaluations.

Forward Thinking

Speech for Distance Learning

Part I: Speaker verification ensures the identities of students.

Speech Technology Digest

Comverse Launches IMS Solution with Integrated Voice, Messaging and Billing Services

Cost-effective IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) solution allows fast network rollout, future-proof growth, and interoperability.

Speech Technology News Features

Nuance Unveils Voice Control 2.0

Nuance Promises Bigger, Faster, Better, More with the Release of NCV2

W3C Drafts New Multimodal Standard

EMMA facilitates interaction through keyboard, mouse, voice, touch, or gesture.

Ditech to Deliver Voice-Based Web Interaction during Mobile Calls

The new network-based platform will allow users to utilize voice commands to access the Web during mobile phone calls.

Enkata Launches First-Call Resolution Cloud Computing Service

The new FCR Metric Plug-in provides access to Enkata's FCR algorithm and delivers cloud-based services to call centers.

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