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Opus Research: Voice Biometrics Market to Near $600 Million by 2017

Adoption of speech authentication solutions shows no signs of slowing down as more verticals offer their customers heightened security.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 25 Nov 2014

Amazon's Echo Is a New Voice-Controlled Device

The Echo speaker doubles as a speech-enabled personal assistant.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 14 Nov 2014

[24]7 Gains Virtual Assistance Technology with IntelliResponse Acquisition

Intelligent virtual assistance gives [24]7 self-service capabilities. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 11 Nov 2014

CallMiner Adds Semantic Building Blocks to Eureka Speech Analytics

Latest release of Eureka Speech Analytics allows users to uncover insights from customer conversations. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 10 Nov 2014

Speech Technology Digest

Intelligent Voice Releases JumpTo Speech-to-Text

JumpTo functionality lets users bookmark keywords within audio files.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Nov 2014

Carnegie Mellon Brings 3D Virtual Assistant to Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses

CMU Entertainment Technology Center graduate students create a voice-enabled augmented reality travel assistant app.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Nov 2014

Vocantas Releases Utilities OnCall 3.1

Utilities OnCall 3.1 offers a slick new GUI and an IVR solution that is more secure and better protected.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Nov 2014

ReadSpeaker Rolls Out New Version of ReadSpeaker TextAid

The speech service's online personal reader includes new text and document library capabilities.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Nov 2014

VoiceTrust Partners with BioID to Deliver Multimodal Biometric Authentication Solutions

BioID's biometric modalities will enhance VoiceTrust's agnostic authentication platform
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 Nov 2014

M*Modal Fluency for Imaging Reporting Delivers Real-Time Decision Support

Speech-enabled software provides quality improvements through Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 Nov 2014

Web Exclusives - Sponsored Guest Commentary

Understanding Speech Recognition Limitations

Understanding what speech can and cannot do can help maximize performance.
Sponsored Guest Commentary, Posted 14 Nov 2014

The Intelligent IVR Sparks Smarter Interactions

IVRs need to incorporate customer data and gather intent to improve interactions.
Sponsored Guest Commentary, Posted 17 Oct 2014

How Smart IVR Design Choices Can Improve the Customer Experience

Some tips for designing IVRs that will not confound callers.
Sponsored Guest Commentary, Posted 06 Aug 2014
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Speech Technology Magazine, Winter 2014

Speech Readies Healthcare for ACA Requirements

After proving their mettle, voice solutions continue to help providers and insurers comply with regulations, put a lid on costs, and serve patients.
Cover Story, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

Speech Analytics Gets Real (Time)

The speech analytics market is alive and well, and will only get better with the emergence of instant analysis.
Feature, Posted 01 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

HTML5 Is Live

The programming language will become the platform of choice for designing and deploying multimodal applications.
Feature, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue


Media Standards for the Web: WebRTC and WebAudio

WebRTC and WebAudio add speed and simplicity.
Standards, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

Are Obvious Patent Requests Simple Omissions—or Crimes?

Why the patent application process needs narrower boundaries.
Voice Value, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

WebRTC Enables Dual-Language Speech

Anticipating the powerful impact of cross-language talking.
In Other Words, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

What You Need to Know to Design Quality Surveys

Keep them clear, concise, and quick.
Inside Outsourcing, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

With Product Companion Apps, the Mobile Future Looks Even Brighter

Up-and-coming tools add new accessibility to product information.
Forward Thinking, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

In Praise of User Research

Consider this solution to reel in elusive answers.
Interact, Posted 28 Jul 2014 - Fall 2014 Issue

Protecting Patents Just Got Easier

Do Supreme Court decisions limit patent abuse?
Voice Value, Posted 28 Jul 2014 - Fall 2014 Issue
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