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Nuance Drops Support for Dragon Professional for Macs, Users Feel Left Behind

Nuance announced it will no longer support its Dragon dictation software for Mac, and users with disabilities are left wondering what their options are.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 07 Nov 2018

Can Voice Analytics Help HR Find Better Candidates?

VoiceSense's AI-driven solution says it can streamline recruitment processes by automatically screening applicant interviews and objectively identifying top candidates.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 31 Oct 2018

LumenVox, VoiceTrust Merge, Offer Full-Suite of Speech Tech Biometrics

LumenVox LLC and VoiceTrust GmbH are merging their businesses in what Neil MacDonald, chief commercial officer, calls a true merger of equals to provide customers with a full suite of speech technology speech biometric solutions.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 19 Sep 2018

Q&A: Book Publishers Embrace Voice Technology and the Future

As voice technologies become ubiquitous, even book publishers aren't immune to the hottest trend in digital content. Speech Technology magazine recently had a chance to interview Bradley Metrock, CEO of Score Publishing, which owns and operates Digital Book World (DBW), about how voice is changing publishing. From the audiobook to Alexa, publishers are contending with the realities of a "voice-first" world.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 13 Sep 2018

Industry Voices

What Made AI Mainstream, Part 2: Big Compute (Video)

Paco Nathan of O'Reilly Media's R & D Group discusses the role of big compute in the commodification of AI in this clip from SpeechTEK 2018.
Industry Voices, Posted 09 Nov 2018

What Made AI Mainstream, Part 1: Big Data (Video)

Paco Nathan of O'Reilly Media's R & D Group discusses the role of big data in the commoditization of AI in this clip from SpeechTEK 2018.
Industry Voices, Posted 02 Nov 2018


NWEA: Speech Recognition Technology Evaluates Out-Loud Reading for Students

The NWEA sought a way to streamline oral evaluations to save school districts time and money while still ensuring students are on track.
Deployments, Posted 22 Oct 2018 - Summer 2018 Issue

Allianz: Speech Analytics Identify Call Center Employees for Accent Neutralization Training

One of the biggest challenges of call-centers is making sure customers have a good user experience—and more of than not, that comes down to the interaction they have with your agents. If there is a language barrier—or even if the agent has a heavy accent that your majority of callers have trouble understanding—that can cause user satisfaction problems. Allianz wanted to find a way to solve that problem.
Deployments, Posted 03 Oct 2018

Bluegreen Vacations: Using Speech Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

When its customer service call volume had unexplained spikes, the resort vendor turned to CallMiner for answers.
Deployments, Posted 21 May 2018 - Spring 2018 Issue

Speech Technology Digest

Double-digit Increases in Industrial IoT Sophistication in One Year, IFS Study Reveals

30% increase in IoT for asset performance management, 10% increase in IoT to monitor customers' equipment.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Nov 2018

Aculab Collaborates with the University of York for Language and Linguistic Science Project

Applicants sought for 2019 WRoCAH AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award Studentships.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Nov 2018

Verint Earns High Scores in DMG Consulting Report on Speech Analytics Solutions

Report also notes greatest number of customer wins and highest seat growth among vendors.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Nov 2018

Industry Veteran Michael Coney Joins Voci Technologies as COO

Coney's strategic, executive, operational expertise will help take Voci to the next level.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 Nov 2018
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Speech Technology Magazine, Fall 2018 Issue

Improving Conversational Virtual Assistants with Natural Language Processing

Better audio and Big Data are among the advancements making virtual assistants better
Cover Story, Posted 05 Nov 2018 - Fall 2018 Issue


Google’s Duplex Lets a Bot Be Your Voice

Thanks to the Duplex technology, Google Assistant can make simple calls on your behalf. But how much automation is too much?
The View from AVIOS, Posted 08 Oct 2018 - Summer 2018 Issue

Data Privacy Concerns Should Govern Speech Technology Industry

Security and privacy issues around voice assistants are sexy, but these concerns manifest themselves far more often in more mundane ways.
Editor's Letter, Posted 24 Sep 2018 - Summer 2018 Issue

Will AI-Powered ‘Microservices’ Bring Back Services of Old?

The Victorian era had butlers and clerks; we have speech recognition and bots.
Forward Thinking, Posted 29 Aug 2018 - Summer 2018 Issue

People with Speech Disabilities Have Accessibility Requirements, Too

Businesses should consider how to make their stores hospitable to speech-disabled patrons
Voice Value, Posted 29 Aug 2018 - Summer 2018 Issue

11 Keys to Designing Effective IVAs

Businesses and customers alike can benefit from quick, personalized, intelligent self-service.
The Business Case, Posted 15 Aug 2018 - Summer 2018 Issue

Speech Recognition Is Here (Finally). Now the Real Work Begins

Both solution buyers and providers need to stay focused on changing alliances and data security.
Inside Speech, Posted 08 Aug 2018 - Summer 2018 Issue

8 Ways Advances in Speech Recognition Will Affect Our Lives

From karaoke assistance to talking robots, here's a roundup of speech industry developments you'll be hearing about soon
Forward Thinking, Posted 30 Jul 2018 - Spring 2018 Issue

Speech Translation Helps Multilingual Conferences Express Themselves

New technology means that speech translation is quicker, more accurate, and cheaper than ever—and international conference goers will reap the benefits
In Other Words, Posted 23 Jul 2018 - Spring 2018 Issue
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