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Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Promises Greater Speed and Accuracy

Updated features include a new interface and built-in microphone support.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 22 Jul 2014

Nexidia Bulks Up Latest Version of Speech Analytics Software

Interaction Analytics 11.0 makes it easier to organize topics, categories, and metrics.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 23 Jun 2014

Domino’s Adds Voice Ordering to Mobile Apps

Domino's new virtual assistant is based on Nuance's Nina Mobile technology.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 16 Jun 2014

Speech Is Helping to Identify Concussions

Waveform Communications is developing a speech recognition product that compares how people produce vowel sounds to zero in on brain injuries.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 02 Jun 2014

Speech Technology Digest

Translate Your World Launches Medical Translation App

The hospital app can translate speech in up to 78 languages.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Jul 2014

JD Power Study Finds In-Car Tech Lacks APEAL

Drivers of new cars not impressed with the usefulness of the controls for voice recognition and other features.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Jul 2014

Acapela TTS Powers iWordQ Talking App for Struggling Writers

iWordQ is a writing and reading application to assist struggling writers and readers of all ages, designed by Quillsoft, that uses Acapela Voices.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 25 Jul 2014

Acapela Provides TTS for Open LORE Read

New assistive reading app features three Acapela voices for audio playback of text.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Jul 2014

Promero Teams Up with CallMiner for Speech Analytics on Demand Program

Promero's Speech Analytics on Demand, which uses CallMiner's Eureka platform, provides low cost of entry. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 23 Jul 2014

NIST Speaker Recognition Challenge Shows Improvement

Improved accuracy is a key finding of the NIST evaluation of more than 100 product submissions.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Jul 2014

Web Exclusives - Sounding Board

10 Steps for Evaluating and Deploying a Voice Solution in an Omnichannel Order Fulfillment Environment

Tips for the warehouse operator looking to implement a voice solution.
Sounding Board, Posted 22 Nov 2013

Capture and Share Valuable Data Faster with Voice Technology

Dictation hardware and software can have a dramatic effect on any company's bottom line.
Sounding Board, Posted 31 Oct 2013

Managing Text-to-Speech Expectations

Being clear up front and providing options will make the technology an easier sell.
Sounding Board, Posted 27 Sep 2013
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Speech Technology Magazine, Summer 2014

Speech Is Set to Dominate the Wearables Market

A voice interface opens a world of possibilities for wearable devices.
Cover Story, Posted 01 May 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue

Battle of the IVR Designs: Conversational Versus Phone Trees

When it comes to IVR design, are you seeing the forest for the trees?
Feature, Posted 05 May 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue

Is Voice Biometrics Right for You?

Voice biometrics solutions are emerging from the periphery of the technology landscape and growing at a staggering rate. Can your company afford to ignore them?
Feature, Posted 05 May 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue


Spam Calls: The New Outbound Problem

An increase in junk calls requires added vigilance by legitimate firms.
Interact, Posted 30 Apr 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue

Big Data in the Contact Center

Speech analytics is just the beginning.
Voice Value, Posted 30 Apr 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue

Remembering Scott McGlashan

May 4, 1963-February 12, 2014
Standards, Posted 30 Apr 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue

Narrowing the Call Center Language Gap

Simultaneous interpretation tools save time and money.
In Other Words, Posted 30 Apr 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue

10 Best Practices for Making the IVR a Desirable Destination

Simplify the process to reduce caller frustration.
Inside Outsourcing, Posted 30 Apr 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue

Voice XML Brings IVR into the Future

Continuing demand gives these applications an impetus for improvement.
Forward Thinking, Posted 30 Apr 2014 - Summer 2014 Issue

A Foolish Consistency in User Interfaces

When serving customers, a little change can be a good thing.
Interact, Posted 10 Feb 2014 - Spring 2014 Issue
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