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The State of Artificial Intelligence 2018

A number of publishers automated formulaic and high-volume writing using natural language processing.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 16 Mar 2018

When Dolphins Attack: How Voice Assistants and Speech Recognition Software Can be Fooled

If you own a smart speaker, you know that it can be fun trying to trick Alexa, Siri, or Google into doing or saying something it shouldn't—like obeying your friend who imitates your voice commands. While such ruses are fun and harmless, the truth is that bad actors are undoubtedly attempting trickery of a more nefarious nature and voice-controlled systems (VCSs) and speech recognition systems (SRSs) can be easily fooled via clever techniques.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 23 Feb 2018

Interpol to Add Voice Recognition to Its Investigative Tools

According to a post on the European Union's website, the EU-funded SIIP (Speaker Identification Integrated Project) aims to put an end to any doubts about voice recognition in the court room "with an innovative probabilistic, language-independent identification system. This system uses a novel Speaker-Identification (SID) engine and a Global Info Sharing Mechanism (GISM) to identify unknown speakers who are captured in lawfully intercepted calls, recorded crime or terror arenas, social media and any other type of speech source."
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 09 Feb 2018

Avaya Acquires Spoken Communications

Spoken's contact center offerings supercharge Avaya's move into big data, machine learning, AI, and the cloud. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 29 Jan 2018

Industry Voices

Let’s Step Up the Fight Against Voice Fraud

Service providers lose more than USD $38.1 billion from voice fraud annually, according to the Communications Fraud Control Agency (CFCA). In a voice market where margins are declining, any loss from fraud is too much. Service providers have to take action or face potentially going out of business.
Industry Voices, Posted 16 Mar 2018

Q&A: Building a Conversational Chatbot for Google Assistant

Michael McTear is an Emeritus Professor at Ulster University with a special research interest in spoken language technologies. He has been researching in the field of spoken dialogue systems for more than 15 years. He is presenting the SpeechTEK University course "Build a Conversational Chatbot for Google Assistant" on at SpeechTEK 2018. SpeechTEK program chair, James Larson, talked to McTear in advance of his conference session.
Industry Voices, Posted 14 Mar 2018

Speech Technology Digest

How Chatbots Are Changing the Way Research is Done

Research companies across the globe are starting to look at new ways to keep their respondents engaged in their surveys and chatbots are looking to bridge this gap by changing the way surveys are taken by introducing a conversational approach to surveys.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 Mar 2018

Progress Launches AI-Driven Chatbot, Progress NativeChat

Progress, a provider of application development and deployment technologies, announced the availability of Progress NativeChat, the artificial intelligence-driven platform for creating and deploying chatbots.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 Mar 2018

ecobee Expands into Smart Home Solutions with ecobee Switch+, Brings Voice Control to Every Room

ecobee, Inc. launched its smart light switch, the ecobee Switch+, delivering on its vision for invisibly integrated voice assistance in every room of the home.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 Mar 2018

Vonage Debuts Skills-Based Routing and Real-time Sentiment Analysis Technology

Vonage, a business cloud communications provider, introduced skills-based communications routing and real-time sentiment analysis--intelligent communications technologies that enable businesses to create their own routing plans and analytical view of agent and customer interactions for the contact center via building blocks.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 Mar 2018
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Speech Technology Magazine, Winter 2018 Issue

2018 State of the Speech Technology Industry Introduction

Thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep neural networks, speech technology is more sophisticated and has more wide-ranging uses than ever before.
Feature, Posted 05 Feb 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue

Assistive Technologies: Helping The Disabled Join The Technological Revolution

Text-to-speech and automatic speech recognition technologies can help those with vision or hearing loss.
Feature, Posted 12 Feb 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue

Speech Analytics: Showing Great Promise Thanks to AI and Machine Learning

Speech analytics has been commercially available for about 15 years, but it is only now starting to move beyond the pilot and early-adoption stages.
Feature, Posted 05 Mar 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue

Speech Engines: Improving Accuracy and Finding New Uses

Improvements in speech engines continue as suppliers use more processing power and more sophisticated software to enhance system performance.
Feature, Posted 05 Feb 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue


It’s Time for an End to ‘Speech-Disabled’ IVRs

Too many callers are greeted by dressed-up DTMF or overly ambitious speech offerings. Either way, they're being ill-served.
Inside Speech, Posted 14 Mar 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue

Can We Talk?

Conversational interfaces still can't match human-level dialogues.
Meaningful Conversations, Posted 07 Mar 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue

The Voice Option in Customer Service Must Not Be the Only One

Sometimes keypads are necessary. They cannot be taken out of the service equation.
Voice Value, Posted 21 Feb 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue

The Future Is Full of Possibilities

As we've done now for the past few years, Speech Technology magazine is again dedicating its first issue of the new year to a preview of what's to come in our small corner of the world. We've highlighted the six technology areas where we see the most impact: speech engine, speech analytics, voice biometrics, virtual assistants, speech developer platforms, and assistive technologies.
Editor's Letter, Posted 09 Feb 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue

Speech Professionals Should Think Big but Meet Local

Local meet-ups foster much-needed community and connections.
The View from AVIOS, Posted 30 Jan 2018 - Winter 2018 Issue

Speech: The Solution for ‘What’ Ails You

The benefits of speech extend through every step of the medical process, from making appointments to receiving diagnoses
Editor's Letter, Posted 10 Nov 2017 - Winter 2017 Issue

Intelligent Agents Are Poised to Change the Conversation

These apps can already understand what you say; soon they'll understand who you are and how you're feeling
Forward Thinking, Posted 10 Nov 2017 - Winter 2017 Issue

Speech Solutions Can Translate into Better Medical Care

Speech translation technology can help non-native-speaker and hearing-impaired patients navigate the medical experience
In Other Words, Posted 10 Nov 2017 - Winter 2017 Issue