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Speech Technology Magazine's People's Choice Awards 2019

The results of Speech Technology Magazine's People's Choice Awards voting are finally here. The people have spoken.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 29 Apr 2019 - Spring 2019 Issue

AI for Speech, Other Uses Primary Message from NICE Interactions

Delivering and leveraging artificial intelligence throughout the contact center, including several AI-enabled speech capabilities was the theme of the NICE Interactions 2019 Conference, which drew an estimated 3,000 attendees.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 24 Apr 2019

Verint Launches AI Blueprint

Verint announced a new offering, Verint AI Blueprint, which is designed to help companies launch conversational artificial intelligence solutions through a combination of consulting and technology.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 17 Apr 2019

Q&A: Dahl and Normandin Explore Conversational Technology Platforms

At the 2019 SpeechTEK conference Yves Normandin of Nu Echo, Inc. and Deborah Dahl of Conversational Technologies, will present "A Comprehensive Guide to Technologies for Conversational Systems." Conference chair Jim Larson talked to Normandin and Dahl to get a sneak peek of the session, and learn about conversational system technologies.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 05 Apr 2019

Industry Voices

Q&A: Jeff Gallino on why call recordings are useless

We're all used to hearing that our calls may be recorded for training purposes, but most people don't give a lot of thought to what that really means--including, sometimes, the businesses doing the recording. Just like any data, your recorded calls are only useful if you can make sense of them and gain insight.
Industry Voices, Posted 16 May 2019

4 Reasons Why Purchasing with Voice is the Future

Explore four consumer trends that are driving the growth of voice intelligence in point of sale platforms.
Industry Voices, Posted 01 May 2019


Broadw.ai: Buying Broadway Tickets Out Loud

Broadw.ai had the Broadway marketing and sales experience to know that theatergoers would find a digital ticketing agent appealing, but it needed a partner to develop its AI-based answer engine
Deployments, Posted 01 Apr 2019 - Winter 2019 Issue

Toys that Talk to Kids

Toymakers are increasingly incorporating speech technology into their dinosaurs, robots, unicorns, and the like
Deployments, Posted 17 Dec 2018 - Fall 2018 Issue

Higher Education Growth: Improving Quality Assurance with Call Recordings

HEG agents often have phone conversations with students. These calls play an important role in enrollments, but agents must adhere to strict Telephone Compliance Protection Act (TCPA) compliance guidelines and processes for efficiency. There are many opportunities for errors and compliance missteps throughout the EDU lead lifecycle — particularly during phone calls. The company needed a more efficient way of dealing with this challenge.
Deployments, Posted 12 Dec 2018

Speech Technology Digest

Microsoft Announces Advancements in Speech

At its Build conference, Microsoft announced a few developments that have speech technology enthusiasts following closely.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 May 2019

Google Announces On-Device Speech Recognition Software

According to CEO Sundar Pichai it means the speech recognition software that has lived on Google's cloud servers can now be installed in Pixel smartphones Google says it will launch later this year.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 May 2019

Privacy Groups File Complaint Against Amazon

Two groups have raised concerns that the Echo Dot Kids Edition allows kids to easily divulge sensitive information and makes it hard for parents to truly delete the data.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 May 2019

Luminoso Announces New ConceptNet Features and Growing Adoption

Open data project used to enable AI applications is now queried more than 250,000 per day.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 May 2019
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Speech Technology Magazine, Spring 2019 Issue

The AI Skills Gap

The lack of AI and machine learning talent has left employers scrambling
Cover Story, Posted 13 May 2019 - Spring 2019 Issue


Solving Pain Points for Newcomers Could Set You Apart

Smart vendors will think beyond AI and algorithms and find ways to solve business problems
Editor's Letter, Posted 06 May 2019 - Spring 2019 Issue

Will Speech Technology Keep Speech Free?

The technology is magical, but can be misused
Forward Thinking, Posted 29 Apr 2019 - Winter 2019 Issue

Amid the AI Fervor, a Case for Automating with a Human Touch

When bots and live agents tackle customer service together, CX and the bottom line benefit
Voice Value, Posted 15 Apr 2019 - Winter 2019 Issue

Speech Analytics and AI Is a Winning Combination

Service, quality management, and the customer journey will all see big gains
The Business Case, Posted 25 Feb 2019 - Winter 2019 Issue

Housekeeping and Homework for 2019

There's no doubt we'll have plenty to talk about in the year to come
Editor's Letter, Posted 11 Feb 2019 - Winter 2019 Issue

AAC Tech Can Help Those with Speech Disabilities Navigate Public Places

Augmentative and alternative communication puts control in the hands of people with speech disabilities, and that should be good for businesses, too
Voice Value, Posted 28 Jan 2019 - Fall 2018 Issue

Integrating TTS in Web Browsers Is Harder Than It Sounds

Text-to-speech for webpages has to tackle modern English's dizzying complexity
Standards, Posted 21 Jan 2019 - Fall 2018 Issue

Healthcare CX Is Increasingly Fraught, but Speech Tech Provides an Answer

AI-powered bots, armed with natural language understanding, are giving vital help to users navigating healthcare
Interact, Posted 14 Jan 2019 - Fall 2018 Issue