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Skype Translator Emerges in Preview Version

Microsoft yesterday released a limited version of its real-time, speech-enabled translator.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 16 Dec 2014

NoteSwift Takes Medical Dictation to the Next Level

NoteSwift takes dictated speech and integrates it directly into doctors' electronic health records.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 09 Dec 2014

VoltDelta Is Acquired

Network services provider NewNet buys the contact center solutions provider.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 05 Dec 2014

TCN Launches Platform 3 VocalVision

VocalVision is optimized for the JAWS screen reader to enable visually impaired call center agents.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 02 Dec 2014

Speech Technology Digest

iSpeak4U Releases Android Version of HandySpeech

The app converts handwritten text into spoken words for people with disabilities.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 18 Dec 2014

Enghouse Interactive Named NACR Preferred Partner

NACR and Enghouse deliver customer interaction and unified communications solutions to companies of all sizes.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 Dec 2014

Cord Project Launches Voice Messaging App in 16 Languages

Cord Project's voice messaging platform, Cord, is available for both Android and iOS users around the world.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 16 Dec 2014

Fortemedia Releases Low-Power, Keyword Spotting Voice Trigger and Control IC

iM401D is a mini digital signal processor for voice trigger and command processing.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Dec 2014

Voice Picking Spells the Right Answer for ABC Stores

The Hawaiian convenience store retailer deployed Wavelink's Speakeasy technology in its warehouse operations.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Dec 2014

Acapela Lets ALS Patients Create TTS with Their Own Voices

Acapela's My-Own-Voice app lets users record their own voices to use as the basis of text-to-speech software to be used later.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Dec 2014

Web Exclusives - Sponsored Guest Commentary

Understanding Speech Recognition Limitations

Understanding what speech can and cannot do can help maximize performance.
Sponsored Guest Commentary, Posted 14 Nov 2014

The Intelligent IVR Sparks Smarter Interactions

IVRs need to incorporate customer data and gather intent to improve interactions.
Sponsored Guest Commentary, Posted 17 Oct 2014

How Smart IVR Design Choices Can Improve the Customer Experience

Some tips for designing IVRs that will not confound callers.
Sponsored Guest Commentary, Posted 06 Aug 2014
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Speech Technology Magazine, Winter 2014

Speech Readies Healthcare for ACA Requirements

After proving their mettle, voice solutions continue to help providers and insurers comply with regulations, put a lid on costs, and serve patients.
Cover Story, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

Speech Analytics Gets Real (Time)

The speech analytics market is alive and well, and will only get better with the emergence of instant analysis.
Feature, Posted 01 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

HTML5 Is Live

The programming language will become the platform of choice for designing and deploying multimodal applications.
Feature, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue


Media Standards for the Web: WebRTC and WebAudio

WebRTC and WebAudio add speed and simplicity.
Standards, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

Are Obvious Patent Requests Simple Omissions—or Crimes?

Why the patent application process needs narrower boundaries.
Voice Value, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

WebRTC Enables Dual-Language Speech

Anticipating the powerful impact of cross-language talking.
In Other Words, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

What You Need to Know to Design Quality Surveys

Keep them clear, concise, and quick.
Inside Outsourcing, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

With Product Companion Apps, the Mobile Future Looks Even Brighter

Up-and-coming tools add new accessibility to product information.
Forward Thinking, Posted 10 Nov 2014 - Winter 2014 Issue

In Praise of User Research

Consider this solution to reel in elusive answers.
Interact, Posted 28 Jul 2014 - Fall 2014 Issue

Protecting Patents Just Got Easier

Do Supreme Court decisions limit patent abuse?
Voice Value, Posted 28 Jul 2014 - Fall 2014 Issue
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