Speech Technology News

Automotive Speech Market to Hit $4 Billion by 2030

The market for speech recognition systems in cars is currently valued at $2.09 billion but is posed for 8 percent growth for the next seven years.

nVoq Partners with Netsmart for Clincial Documentation

nVoq's speech-to-text is being incorporated into Netsmart's myUnity electronic health records.

Wondershare Launches Virbo, a Video Creation Tool

Wondershare's Virbo is an AI-powered text-to-video and avatar creation tool.

Sensory Launches VoiceHub 2.0

Sensory's VoiceHub 2.0 integrates generative AI, supports more hardware platforms, languages and dialects, and features an updated user interface.

ReadSpeaker Provides TTS Announcements Along Japan's Tokaido Shinkansen Rail Lines

Station and platform announcements are made possible with ReadSpeaker's speechMaker Desktop TTS software.

NVIDIA Launches ACE for Games with Generative AI

NVIDIA ACE for Games sparks life into virtual characters using speech technologies and AI.

WiMi Hologram Cloud to Develop a Multimodal Data Processing System for Digital Humans

WiMi's technology combines modalities to help create digital humans.

Canary Adds Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Integration

Canary's digital vocal biomarker technology now offers real-time speech analysis on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Orion Unveils AI-powered Speech-to-Speech Translation

Orion's Speech-to-Speech Translation is a voice-AI solution that layers bi-directional translation into real-time, multipoint communications for front-line workers.

Meishe Launches AI Avatar Generators

Meishe is releasing AI avatar generators taking cues from photos, videos, and GLB files.

Sonde Health's Respiratory Responsive Vocal Biomarker Tool Identifies Patients with Respiratory Conditions

Study suggests that Sonde Health's RRVB tool could help pre-screen acute respiratory infections, including asymptomatic COVID-19.

Xembly Launches VoicePrint

Xembly VoicePrint tags meeting participants automatically to create follow-up notes, transcripts, and more.

Awaken Intelligence Partners with IRIS Audio Technologies

Awaken and IRIS are teaming up to provide better audio solutions for transcribing and analyzing contact center interaction recordings.

Suki Integrates with Epic EHR

Suki has integrated its AI-powered voice assistant with Epic's electronic health records software.

Procurant Introduces Voice-Enabled Rating Feature for Produce Inspections

Procurant Inspect's latest release features a voice-enabled rating feature, streamlining retail produce inspections while providing real-time data to buyers and sellers of fresh produce.

Native Voice Goes Live Inside Skullcandy's Skull-iQ App

Native Voice delivers voice-enabled AI services to Skullcandy users.

Adthos Launches Creative Studio for Editing Audio in Video Ads 

Adthos Creative Studio lets users isolate the audio track, edit and translate it, and then reintroduce it to the video.

XL8 Launches Projects for Voice-Based Translations

XL8's Projects is the latest version of its MediaCAT translation and localization platform.

Voiceitt Adds Transcriptions and Captions to Cisco Webex Meetings

Voiceitt's speech-to-text technologies are now available to users of Cisco's Webex collaboration platforms.

Omni AI Adds Voice Recognition in Latest Update

Version 1.5 of Omni AI's iPhone app lets users control the device and dictate into other apps using voice.