Speech Technology News

UneeQ Launches Digital Einstein

UneeQ uses experiential AI to bring Albert Einstein back to life as its latest digital companion.

Cyara Launches Call Explorer

Cyara Call Explorer is an automated platform for building and executing IVR test scripts.

Nemesysco and Lomonosov Moscow State University Expand Research on Applications of Voice Analytics

A Russian company saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on misapplied promotions by applying Nemesysco's research on personality assessments to its corporate restructuring.

IVA Market to Reach $44.2 Billion by 2027, Valuates Reports

Valuates anticipates 37.7 percent annual compounded growth for the intelligent virtual assistant market for the next six years.

Booka Launches Read-to-Me Feature

E-book subscription service provider Booka is offering a service that allows children to listen to any book.

NVIDIA Launches Jarvis Interactive Conversational AI Framework

Jarvis Interactive Conversational AI Framework's pre-trained deep learning models and software tools enable developers to adapt Jarvis to specific industries.

Microsoft Acquires Nuance in $19.7 Billion Deal

Microsoft will incorporate Nuance's technology in its cloud products for health care.

DefinedCrowd Works to Address AI Bias

DefinedCrowd's new datasets include tools for building bias-free conversational AI models.

Talkwalker Adds Podcasts to Speech Analytics

Talkwalker's Speech Analytics now allows marketers to extract insights from the growing podcast market.

Entrata Enables Amazon's Alexa for Residential

With Entrata's Alexa app, property owners now can customize voice-enabled smart home experiences.

Global Chatbot Market to Hit $10.5 Billion in 2026

Rise in demand for AI-based chatbots to deliver enhanced customer experience will present huge opportunities, MarketsandMarkets predicts.

Voximplant Integrates with Google Cloud Dialogflow CX

Voximplant powers new virtual agent AI capabilities that integrate with Google Cloud Contact Center AI. (Featured on SmartCustomerrService.com.)

NEC Develops Translation App

NEC and Sumitomo Mitsui Construction develop DokoMinaPhone, a multilingual speech translation app with simultaneous message broadcast function.

Emotion Detection and Recognition Market to Be Worth $37.1 Billion by 2026

Research firm MarketsandMarkets expects 11.3 percent CAGR for emotion detection and recognition technologies over the next five years.

ENACOMM Partners with IDmission

ENACOMM customers can now take advantage of IDmission's multifactor authentication and identity solutions. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)

Universal Electronics Partners with Instreamatic on Voice-Enabled Interactive TV Ads

Together UEI and Instreamatic will bring interactive advertising to home entertainment devices like smart TVs and set-top boxes.

Speechmatics Launches on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure users can now take advantage of Speechmatics' speech recognition technology at scale.

M&S Technologies Adds Voice Recognition to the Smart System 2 | 2020

Smart System Dynamic Voice Recognition accepts more than 50 voice commands.

Thoma Bravo Acquires Calabrio

Thoma Bravo acquired speech and contact center software vendor Calabrio from fellow investment firm KKR. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)

AVOXI Integrates with Zendesk, HubSpot, FreshDesk, and ServiceNow

New CRM integrations allow for the sharing of call recordings and analytics.