Speech Technology News

Canary Speech Secures $13 Million

Canary Speech's funding to advance how healthcare organizations screen for mental and cognitive health

AKOOL Launches Advanced Personalized Video Feature

AKOOL's Personalized Video feature can be paired with voice modification technologies to create personalized videos.

Zegocloud Adds Voice Changer Technology

Zegocloud has integrated voice changer technology into its live streaming and audio chat tools.

Honeywell Adds AI to Guided Work Solutions

Honeywell's hands-free voice technology with insights from Honeywell Forge architecture empowers retail associates to increase productivity.

Sanas Unveils Noise Cancellation for Contact Center Agents

Sanas Noise Cancellation leverages patent-pending AI technology to improve conversation clarity.

Instreamatic's Voice AI Platform Opens Up to Professional Union Talent for Ads

With the new SAG-AFTRA Dynamic A.I. Audio Commercials Waiver, companies can hire professional voice actors for contextual audio ads created on the Instreamatic platform.

Suki Extends Developer Platform with SDK and APIs to Power Voice AI Experiences

Suki's new SDKs and API allow healthcare providers to embed Suki Assistant and other capabilities into their applications.

Microsoft Introduces Dynamics 365 Contact Center

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center is a Copilot-first cloud contact center platform. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Ellipsis Health Partners with Pega

Pega's healthcare customers now have access to Ellipsis' vocal biomarker technology for detecting mental health conditions.

Autobiographer Launches Generative AI Storytelling App

Autobiographer has launched its voice-powered generative artificial intelligence storytelling app on the Apple App Store.

Kardome Partners with KT to Provide Voice AI for Genie TV

Kardome's Spatial Hearing technology will enhance speech recognition performance for KT's IPTV service users.

TrueCaller Launches AI Call Scanner

AI Call Scanner from Truecaller detects AI voice clones in real time.

Wondershare Launches DemoCreator 8.0

Wondershare DemoCreator 8.0 offers new AI features for faster video creation and editing.

Opera Adds AI and Voice Capabilities in its Aria Browser

The Opera One browser is gaining access to Google Cloud's Gemini models, image generation, and text-to-voice capabilities.

ID R&D Granted Patent for Voice-Based Device Unlocking

ID R&D's latest patent introduces unspoofable voice authentication to protect user devices.

Truecaller and Microsoft Partner for AI Voice Technologies

With the Personal Voice feature from Microsoft Azure AI Speech in Truecaller, consumers will be able to record their own voices to create digital voices while setting up Truecaller Assistant.

Angel AI Raises $4.75 Million

Angel AI's platform offers a voice-enabled internet companion for children with age-appropriate guardrails.

Wondercraft Launches Parrot Mode for Audio Ad Creation

Wondercraft's Parrot Mode feature lets users tell AI voices exactly how to deliver lines.

Department of Justice Rules for Accessibility in Technology

U.S. Department of Justice ruling covers Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which ensures the accessibility of web content and mobile apps for people with disabilities.

Apple Adds Voice-Based Accessibility Features

Vocal shortcuts, captioning, and voice control are among the features that Apple will roll out this year.