Speech Tech Columns

Designing a Web Site? Learn from the Speech Business—Please!

Contact centers, whether with human or automated attendants, have a lot to teach corporate websites about usability.

Self-Service Is the Channel of Choice—When It Works

Companies are not benefiting from the shift in preference as much as they should be

A Tangled Web of Intelligent Assistants

Getting them all to cooperate would tap their incredible potential

Speech Technology Can Help Revive Indigenous Languages

Speech-to-speech translation can make education, media, and business more linguistically inclusive.

Speech Tech Case Studies & Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Nonprofits Use Speech to Their Benefit

With limited budgets and resources, many nonprofits find it difficult to adopt new technologies as quickly as for-profit entities. But that disadvantage is lessening, thanks to more affordable and accessible speech products.

Market Spotlight on Financial Services: Customers Talk Up Voice Banking’s Benefits

Voice-activated banking was first made available to consumers in 2014 when ING introduced a voice interface named Inge for its mobile banking app. Since then, consumers have been forcing a technology revolution that financial institutions have not been able to hold back—or only do so at their own peril.

Market Spotlight: Voice Dominates the Future of Consumer Electronics

As time goes on, many experts predict that consumer electronics will no longer even need screens, instead allowing consumers to use nothing more than their voices to activate and control them

Innovative Vision: Putting Client’s ROI First at a Call Center

Executives at Innovative Vision sought to extend the company's portfolio of call center services by offering a range of marketable data that clients could analyze and put to use as needed. For that to happen, however, Innovative Vision would first need to record and analyze all customer interactions. Summatti's AI platform was there to answer the call.

Speech Technology Reports and Research

The Importance of Analytics and a Remote Contact Center Workforce!

Sponsored by Observe.AI

New Era in AI for Call Centers

Sponsored by DefinedCrowd

Revolutionize Digital Customer Engagement with Industry-first AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Sponsored by Radisys

Real-Time IVR Analytics & Reporting

Sponsored by Speech-Soft Solutions

US Bank Adopts a Holistic Approach to CX Insights

Sponsored by NICE Nexidia

Case Study: How to Improve Multi-factor Authentication

Sponsored by Phonexia

Adapt & Thrive: 3 Ways to Shift from CX to TX with Speech Technology

Sponsored by LumenVox

Voice-Activated Enterprises and the Future of Work

Sponsored by Verint