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Speech Tech Columns

The Dilemma of AI Transparency

Humans are still suspicious of AI, even when we know what we're dealing with

Voice Self-Service Has Become More Popular—and It’s About to Get Much Better

Conversational self-service is moving closer to reality

Infusing AI, and Speech, into the Mobile Retail Customer Experience

AI-powered apps are employing speech as part of an all-important omnichannel approach

Consumer Voice Apps and Smart Devices Lead the Way for Speech Tech

Interface and data security challenges remain, however

Speech Tech Case Studies & Market Spotlights

Innovative Vision: Putting Client’s ROI First at a Call Center

Executives at Innovative Vision sought to extend the company's portfolio of call center services by offering a range of marketable data that clients could analyze and put to use as needed. For that to happen, however, Innovative Vision would first need to record and analyze all customer interactions. Summatti's AI platform was there to answer the call.

Market Spotlight on Retail: Voice Is Revitalizing the Shopping Experience

From online shoppers to warehouse employees, from retail associates to marketers, nearly every facet of the retail industry is being transformed by the voice revolution. In fact, it may just be the use of voice and other technologies that are keeping retail environments relevant.

Market Spotlight on Automotive: IVAs Are Popular in New Cars, but Concerns, Limits Remain

While supercars like Kit from Knight Rider are still the stuff of TV fantasy, today's automobiles are becoming smarter and smarter, and speech technologies are at the heart of this transformation.

Market Spotlight: Security

Voice biometrics is vital, and it's only the beginning. AI and speech technologies are helping drive new levels of security and pioneering new ways to keep the public safe.

Speech Technology Reports and Research

The Top 10 Use Cases for Contact Center Analytics

Sponsored by Calabrio

The 7 Must-Haves to Secure Your Contact Center

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Conversational AI: Four Steps to an Exceptional Customer Experience

Sponsored by Concentrix

AI Sentiment Analytics

Sponsored by NICE Nexidia

Upping Your Customer Service Game

Sponsored by Verint

Utilize This Speech Analytics Tool for Less Expensive Tuning!

Sponsored by Speech-Soft Solutions