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Video: Emerging Trends in Speech Tech Adoption

451 Research Senior Analyst Raul Castanon discusses new findings of a recent survey on speech technology adoption in the enterprise and how adoption of devices in the consumer space have impacted enterprise adoption in this clip from his panel at SpeechTEK 2019.

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Market Spotlight: Security

Voice biometrics is vital, and it's only the beginning. AI and speech technologies are helping drive new levels of security and pioneering new ways to keep the public safe. Buying Broadway Tickets Out Loud had the Broadway marketing and sales experience to know that theatergoers would find a digital ticketing agent appealing, but it needed a partner to develop its AI-based answer engine

Market Spotlight: Marketing

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Toys that Talk to Kids

Toymakers are increasingly incorporating speech technology into their dinosaurs, robots, unicorns, and the like.

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