Assessing IVAs: How Do You Determine Which One Is Right for You?

There's still a lack of official standards, but some promising metrics have emerged

A Tangled Web of Intelligent Assistants

Getting them all to cooperate would tap their incredible potential

Encountering a Technical Problem? You Too Can Be a Standards Author

Your brilliant new idea might just end up becoming a popular solution

The Internet of Things Needs a Lingua Franca

With the proliferation of smart speakers, voice interaction with home devices is becoming increasingly common, and on the horizon are voice interactions with an ever greater number of smart environments—cities, offices, classrooms, factories, and healthcare settings. Developers will need to be on the same page

NLU Results Shouldn’t Be Proprietary

A common format for natural language tools would make everyone's life easier

Integrating TTS in Web Browsers Is Harder Than It Sounds

Text-to-speech for webpages has to tackle modern English's dizzying complexity

The Right Standard Makes Developers’ Jobs a Lot Easier

You'll never know whether a standard's a good fit if you don't try it out

Deep Learning, Big Data, and Clear Standards

For natural language tools to take on greater complexity, they'll need consistent, agreed-upon data annotations

4 Speech Technology Standards That Need to Happen ASAP

With new technologies appearing all the time, standards must keep pace

Let’s Get Siri, Cortana, and Alexa to Work Together

A new W3C community group is exploring ways to make virtual assistant platforms interoperable

EMMA 2.0 Lets Applications Decide What to Tell You—and How

Information can be graphical or spoken, depending on context

Voice Should Be User-Friendly—to All Users

Experts work to make speech solutions accessible to the cognitively impaired

Talking to Everything: User Interfaces for the Internet of Things

Communication between objects is only the beginning

Media Standards for the Web: WebRTC and WebAudio

WebRTC and WebAudio add speed and simplicity.

Remembering Scott McGlashan

May 4, 1963-February 12, 2014

EMMA Success Leads to New Challenges

GPS, data analysis top innovations list.

Discovering Multimodal Components

Wider use of apps offers broad potential

Enter EMMA 1.1

Getting more out of multimodal inputs

Giving a Voice to the Developing World

Standards, mobile phones help bring the Web to resource-constrained areas

W3C Launches HTML Speech Incubator Group

Ultimate goal is to develop tools to better integrate speech with the Web.