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Does Your Intelligent Assistant Really Understand You?

Intelligent virtual assistants still need improvements, analysts conclude after five leading systems are put to the test.

Wake Words Will Soon See a Resurgence

As consumers get more accustomed to using voice interfaces, wake words will become more prominent.

What is Readability? And How to Make Documents Accessible

These tips will help make sure screen readers can clearly convey your content.

Considerations for Introducing Speech Recognition Automation to Your Contact Center

Contact centers should implement speech recognition technology that benefits the business effectively and immediately without causing disruption to current processes.

The Challenges and Evolution of Modern Spoken Dialogue Systems

Conversational artificial intelligence is being democratized in the contact center, but there are some key challenges today's speech vendors must address as the technology matures.

Speech Technology Has a Place in Ed Tech and English Language Learning

Technology advances in speech recognition, pronunciation error detection, and speech scoring can make a huge difference in how students learn the English language.

Voice Is Enterprises' Next Interface

Voice remains the sturdiest bridge between employees, customers and enterprises, and that's why it will continue gaining momentum and prove to be the next critical interface.

Solutions that are the Critical Lifeline of Insight Especially in Time of Rapid Change

Harnessing the Power of our Next Generation Voice Solutions

Transforming Customer Interactions with Conversational Insight

Captioning and COVID-19 – Who’s Not Getting the Message?

Speech recognition offers the solution to the immediate need for captioning as COVID-19 stretches human transcriptionists to the limits.

Social Workers and AI: How New Voice Tech Can Save Lives

Artificial intelligence in voice analysis can detect larger behavioral patterns that could indicate an underlying problem.

Netflix's "The Circle" Provides a Glimpse into the Future of Speech Recognition

The future is now for voice recognition technology as industries from automotive to healthcare embrace the technology.

The Factors That Are Driving Contact Center Leaders to Use Speech Analytics

Customer experience improvements, finding upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and ensuring regulatory compliance are the top reasons for speech analytics deployments. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com

Voice-Powered AI Ushers in the Next Chapter in CRM Evolution

As voice technologies become ubiquitous, customer interactions will never be the same.

Voice Search's Impact on Mobile App Development

Tips for Maximizing Voice Data

There are many aspects to tapping into voice data's capability. Here are a few ways to unlock the value. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)

Connect to Customers with the Help of Google, Amazon, and Apple

Building digital assistants to help customers is becoming an industry requirement, so companies should start soon if they don't already have one.

Video: Benchmarking Voice Assistants, Pt. 8: Conclusions

Cognilytica Analysts Kathleen Walch & Ronald Schmelzer present conclusions from their benchmarking tests on intelligent assistants in this clip from their presentation at SpeechTEK 2019.

High-Value Verbiage Aids NLP in Predicting Consumer Behavior

What do the Marine Corps and Disney have in common? Marketers for both may have found their holy grail in an AI-powered NLP tool that predicts consumer behavior based on informal online chatter.