Q & A

Q&A with Uma Challa, senior director in the Gartner Customer Service & Support practice

Replacing customer service employees with generative AI-enabled chatbots is unrealistic and short-sighted, according to Uma Challa, senior director in the Gartner Customer Service & Support practice.

Q&A: Nigel Cannings, founder and chief technology officer of Intelligent Voice

Nigel Cannings, chief technology officer and founder of Intelligent Voice, provides commentary about the best and most innovative speech technology in 2022 and what we can expect in 2023.

Q&A Michael McTear: Breaking Down Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Michael McTear, a professor emeritus of knowledge engineering at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, breaks down the underlying technology behind Conversational AI, how it is developed, and challenges for future research. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)

Q&A: Jon Stine, executive director of the Open Voice Network, about the future of open voice.

Q&A: Jonathan Eisenzopf, chief technology officer at Discourse.ai, about using human-to-human corpora to train bots faster

Q&A: Dirk Schnella-Walka, research scientist for multimodal system architecture at modality.ai, about the standardization of intelligent personal assistants.

Q&A: Ian Beaver, Chief Scientist at Verint - Next IT, on Conversational Analysis 

Q&A: Jeffrey Hopper, vice president of client services at Lumenvox, on Voice Biometrics

Q&A: Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree, on Multimodal Apps Involving Voice

Q&A: Scott Hoglund on Conversational Banking

Learn how conversational technologies are changing the way we bank, and how Discover is embracing this trend to better support companies and employees.

Q&A: David Morand on Integrating a Contextual AI Assistant with VoiceXML

If you need a dialogue engine that will allow you to develop next-gen conversational IVR applications while being compatible with the VoiceXML standard, this is a must read.

Q&A: Sam Ringer Says the Revolution Is Coming — the Medium-Term Future of AI and ML

Current AI and machine learning (ML) technologies are starting to change the way we build and innovate. However, the power of our current ML technologies is not fixed. Sam Ringer will explore where ML is at the moment.

Q&A: Greg Stack on Blazing a Trail to Successful AI Migration

Greg Stack, Vice President, Speech-Soft Solutions, will be presenting at SpeechTEK 2020. Conference co-chair, Jim Larson, caught up with him to talk about "Blazing a Trail to Successful AI Migration."  

Q&A: Dr. Nava Shaked on Evaluation, Testing Methodology & Best Practices for Speech-Based Interaction Systems

Get a sneak-peak into Dr. Nava Shaked's SpeechTEK workshop in this Q&A. Learn everything you need to know about evaluation, testing, and best practices for speech-based interactions.

Q&A: Dr. Michael McTear on Building a Conversational Chatbot for Google Assistant Using Dialogflow

Get a sneak-peek of Dr. Michael McTear's SpeechTEK workshop and learn how to build a conversational chatbot for Google Assistant using Dialogflow. Like what you see? Head over to speechtek.com.

Q&A: Bruce Balentine on the Basics of Conversational Chatbots

Conversational chatbots may be the future (or even the present) but Bruce Balentine is taking developers back to basics in his workshop at SpeechTEK in April. Learn how to build chatbots that get results.

Q&A: David Attwater on the Ins and Outs of Conversation Design

Everything you need to know about conversational design. Jim Larson talked to David Attwater, Senior Scientist, Enterprise Integration Group about his upcoming workshop, AI, and how human is too human?

Q&A: Deborah Dahl on Natural Language Understanding

Jim Larson talked to Dr. Deborah Dahl, Principal, Conversational Technologies about the increasing importance and capabilities of natural language processing, speech recognition, and

Q&A: Anand Janefalkar on the Ideal IVR

Poorly designed IVRS have been angering customers for decades, but it doesn't have to be this way. We talked to the Founder and CEO of UJET about how well designed IVRs can improve customer experience.

Q&A: Walter Rolandi Talks Dialog Development Tools

Speech Technology interviewed Walter Rolandi, Ph.D. of The Voice User Interface Company, to talk about new dialog development tools versus traditional speech IVR technologies and how they measure up.