2024 State of AI in the Speech Technology Industry

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After years of forecasts about artificial intelligence’s eminent sweeping changes to industries of all types, the future has arrived. In fact, doing an annual package about the state of the speech industry didn’t make sense without foregrounding AI’s role in it—thus, this year’s AI cover package. Generative AI in particular has led to huge leaps in natural language processing and analytics, allowing bots to understand not just language but nuance and sentiment and leading to more conversational interactions between machines and humans. But AI is changing more than the contact center; it’s revolutionizing video editing and synthetic voice creation, enabling real-time voice translation and dubbing, and keeping data secure through voice biometrics. There are also challenges ahead, as AI can aid bad actors in the form of deepfakes, disinformation, and bias. Click on the links below for our full report on the AI developments that are as exciting as they are fast-paced and all-encompassing.

GenAI-Fueled Speech Analytics Enable Real-Time Results 

AI’s Impact on Natural Language Processing

AI Is Enabling Audiovisual Enhancements

Voice Biometrics Both Profits From and Is Plagued by AI 

AI Is Revolutionizing Translation, Dubbing, and Subtitling


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