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March/April 2024

Magazine Features

Tips for Reviewing Voicebot Vulnerability

How companies can help users feel safe by better securing voice assistant data.

Safety and Ethical Concerns Loom Large in Voice Cloning

AI makes synthetic speech sound more realistic than ever—and therein lies the danger.


Editor's Letter

The Voice Fraud Threat Is Real

"Everyone needs to be concerned about the technology being used for nefarious purposes."

In Other Words

ChatGPT Solves Some Translation Conundrums

Outstanding automatic translation at everyone's fingertips is getting closer.


Standards for Evaluating Generative AI

Assessing the output of genAI systems is easier said than done.


Apple Proposes Acoustic Model Fusion to Improve Speech Recognition

Apple has proposed a new approach that integrates external acoustic models into end-to-end ASR systems, aiming to refine speech recognition by enriching systems with broader acoustic knowledge.

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