Market Spotlights

Market Spotlight: Voice Dominates the Future of Consumer Electronics

As time goes on, many experts predict that consumer electronics will no longer even need screens, instead allowing consumers to use nothing more than their voices to activate and control them

Market Spotlight on Retail: Voice Is Revitalizing the Shopping Experience

From online shoppers to warehouse employees, from retail associates to marketers, nearly every facet of the retail industry is being transformed by the voice revolution. In fact, it may just be the use of voice and other technologies that are keeping retail environments relevant.

Market Spotlight on Automotive: IVAs Are Popular in New Cars, but Concerns, Limits Remain

While supercars like Kit from Knight Rider are still the stuff of TV fantasy, today's automobiles are becoming smarter and smarter, and speech technologies are at the heart of this transformation.

Market Spotlight: Security

Voice biometrics is vital, and it's only the beginning. AI and speech technologies are helping drive new levels of security and pioneering new ways to keep the public safe.

Market Spotlight: Marketing

IVAs and Chatbots Are Changing How Marketers Reach Customers

Market Spotlight: Toys/Robotics

Robot creators are limited only by their imaginations

Market Spotlight: Education

Speech technologies are transforming classrooms.

Market Spotlight: Travel and Hospitality

Transforming the travel experience through voice

Market Spotlight: Government

In all of these sectors of government, the technology gap is massive, largely because of a lack of funding, knowledge, or a desire for change.

Market Spotlight—Healthcare: Speech Aids in Patient Care

As speech technology gets more pervasive, expectations are high that it will go beyond dictation to contribute even further to improved health care

Market Spotlight—Consumer Electronics: Apple Brings Siri Home

Apple gave its biggest fans the first glimpse of its HomePod system

Market Spotlight: Opportunities Abound for Speech in Factories

While the trend of U.S. manufacturing in the past half-century has not been encouraging, the sector is now experiencing a bump. This signals an opportunity for vendors supplying speech technology to the manufacturing industry.

Market Spotlight: Advertising Has More Draw When Speech Is Included

Voice technologies are hard at work ensuring advertisers that their messages are getting out

Market Spotlight: Speech Technology Eases the Pain of Electronic Healthcare Records

Healthcare organizations today are being pulled in many directions as they try to provide higher quality care while at the same time reducing costs and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Market Spotlight: Voice Functionality to Grow 80 Percent in Five Years

Market Spotlight—Retail: Wearables Have a Place on the Store Floor

Market Spotlight: Banking on Speech to Prevent Fraud

Market Spotlight: Government

Voice R&D responds to homeland security requests

Market Spotlight: Assistive Technologies for the Disabled

Speech as an enabler has room to grow.

Market Spotlight: Education

TTS hits the broader student market.