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June 18, 2008


D-I-Y- or B-U-Y

Do-it-yourself may work for home improvements, but IVR design's a bit more complicated.

In Other Words

Is Machine Translation Ready for You?

Software is good for some tasks, but the results can be fun for others.

Speech Technology News Features

SpinVox Talks Birds and Bees with Teens

Speech-to-text provider SpinVox, MTV's Staying Alive Foundation, and Facebook today launched the "Stand by What You Say" campaign, an initiative seeking to open a dialogue among young people about sexual health and HIV.

Dial2Do Does More for the Cell Phone

Hands-free service provider voice-activates cell phones with JAJAH applications.

Acapela Empowers Dolphin Easy Reader

Latest version of the software provides the missing link in Microsoft's 'Save as DAISY XML' plug-in.

Buy Speech, Get Books

IVO Software's latest TTS version includes free eBook downloads.

BlueAnt Takes TTS to Bluetooth

Bluetooth supplier BlueAnt Wireless announced today the general availability of Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree, a portable speakerphone device incorporating text-to-speech technology.

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