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Under the Hood - Powering an Exceptional Caller Experience


David Myron
Editorial Director
Speech Technology magazine
Elaine Cascio
Mike Monegan
VP Applications
Phillip Hunter
Senior User Experience Designer
Microsoft Tellme
Attend and you have the opportunity to win a Microsoft Xbox 360!

From the surface, an exceptional caller experience is simple, smooth, and efficient. But under the hood, the best interactions are driven by advanced design techniques and innovative technology. Interaction design demands an extensive view into the customer journey and the intent of the caller. Driving expedient task completion leads to caller satisfaction. Self-service technology requires the combination of intelligent speech applications and a world-class IVR platform.

Visit us at SpeechTEK New York

  • Mike Monegan at C203 Call Center Knowledge Management and Automated Help; C205 Speech System Architectures and Platforms.
  • Phillip Hunter at SD203 What Speech Designers Can Teach Multimodal Designers; B205 Design Skills. Or visit Booth #100.

Elaine Cascio, Vice President, Vanguard Communications, will discuss the requirements for a high touch self-service experience. Elaine will describe a best-practice design process that includes caller experience maps, call observations, and focus groups. While focusing on the customer, an effective design needs to also balance the needs of the business. Customer and business success metrics must be established.

Mike Monegan, Vice President Applications from Voxify, and Phillip Hunter, Senior User Experience Designer from Microsoft Tellme, will discuss the technology that powers intelligent speech self-service, why it demands unique technology elements such as a cloud-based on-demand IVR platform, and how the different solution components work together to consistently create exceptional caller experiences.

In this webcast we will take you under the hood to learn:

  • What drives an exceptional speech self-service experience
  • Unique technology requirements for the application and a cloud-based IVR platform
  • How the technologies work together and scale to meet emerging needs

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