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Artificial Solutions Enables CIOs to Take Control of the Conversational AI Landscape with Teneo Fusion

Artificial Solutions, a specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced the launch of Teneo Fusion. The latest version of the company's conversational AI development platform blends significant enhancements to its technology, with business value measurements to deliver a conversational AI experience.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Apr 2019

Providence St. Joseph Health Makes Same-Day Express Care Appointment Scheduling Available On Amazon Alexa

With the voice request, "Alexa, open Providence Health Connect," or "Alexa, open Swedish Health Connect," consumers can schedule Express Care appointments.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Apr 2019

Amazon Says Semi-Supervised Learning Builds Better Speech Recognition

Amazon reveals how it developed an acoustic model for Alexa, and used semi-supervised learning to improve speech recognition.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Apr 2019

Two Mics Are Better than Seven According to Amazon

In a post on its Alexa blog, Amazon says it has developed a different acoustic modeling framework. Amazon says it can boosts performance by unifying speech enhancement and speech recognition.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Apr 2019

Yappa Debuts First Audio/Video Social Commenting Tool to Encourage Less Toxic Online Interactions

Free new plugin makes it fun and easy for site visitors to use voice or video to record quick comments.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Apr 2019

Walmart Voice Order Comes to Google Assistant

Walmart is getting into the voice shopping game! Last week the company announced Walmart Voice Order with Google Assistant, a direct challenge to Amazon's dominance in the voice shopping world.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Apr 2019

Google Introduces All-neural, On-device Speech Recognizer to Power Speech Input in Gboard

Google revealed that it has made spoken to written text translation available offline for Gboard users.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Apr 2019

SoapBox Labs and Microsoft Announce Partnership to Tackle Childhood Literacy

SoapBox Labs AI-driven speech recognition technology combined with Microsoft's Global Cloud Infrastructure aims to address international education gap.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Apr 2019

VoiceBase and Tableau Software Partner to Modernize How Speech Analytics Data is Consumed by the Enterprise

Through this partnership Tableau customers can now lead a digital transformation initiative to extend the benefits of speech analytics beyond the contact center to every department by leveraging VoiceBase's deep learning speech technology, powerful query language, and predictive analytics models.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Apr 2019

SoundHound Inc. Unveils Hybrid Voice AI and Natural Language Understanding System for Cars

SoundHound Inc., a provider of voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies, unveiled its large vocabulary, hybrid voice, and natural language understanding interface for in-vehicle infotainment systems.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Apr 2019

Canary Speech Announces New Patent for Its Technology in Using Voice to Detect Medical Conditions

Canary Speech announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted to Canary Speech a patent for broader claims for its inventions.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Apr 2019

Evolve IP Acquires Jog.ai, a Speech Analytics and Natural Language Technology Firm

The strategic purchase enhances the company's cloud communications services with intellectual property that helps users remember, retrieve, and record everything that happens on a phone call.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Apr 2019

TotalSynch Develops ‘Speech Pathologist In-A-Box’ to Help Specialists

New startup utilizes 21st century AI technology to help speech-language pathologists and the language impaired.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Apr 2019

Satisfi Labs Completes Funding Round Led by Major League Baseball

Additional investment from strategic partners primes Satisfi Labs for significant growth in 2019.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Apr 2019

Speechmatics and Tedial Partner to Provide Fully Integrated MAM with Automatic Speech Recognition Technology

Tedial's SMARTLIVE solution and Speechmatics' ASR technology provide sports and live event broadcasters with sophisticated speech-to-text tools for enriched content and maximized efficiency.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 27 Mar 2019

TRUSTID Issues 2019 ‘State of Call Center Authentication’ Report

Survey finds call centers are now the vector of choice for criminal attacks.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 26 Mar 2019

Q the Genderless Voice Could Be Coming to a Device Near You

Thanks to researchers, sound designers, and linguists—who worked with Copenhagen Pride, Virtue, Equal AI, Koalition Interactive, and thirtysoundsgood—there's a genderless voice option: Q.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 26 Mar 2019

Connecticut Innovations Makes $500K Investment in Voiceitt

Connecticut Innovations (CI)—a quasi-public venture capital fund—"has completed its initial $500,000 equity investment to the winner of last year's VentureClash pitch competition."
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 26 Mar 2019

CallMiner Visualize Powered by Tableau Enriches Speech Analytics Insight with Graphical Impact

Explore, discover and visually express your Voice of the Customer data story across your organization to drive customer experience, enhanced service quality, sales, and compliance.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 19 Mar 2019

How Brands Win at Voice Search Preparedness

Report analyzes 12 of America's largest retailers and restaurants to identify market challenges and opportunities to optimize consumer discovery and engagement with brands.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 Mar 2019

Dramatic Improvement in Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Cuts at Least 30% of Translation Costs for Large Enterprises

According to One Hour Translation (OHT), an online translation agency, the improvement in NMT boosts corporate demand for translation services.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 12 Mar 2019

Univoice to Unveil New Language Learning App at SXSW Founder Louis Black's Home

Univoice emerged from stealth mode today at SXSW, announcing a public beta of its mobile app that teaches language through song, soon to be available for both Apple and Android users.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 12 Mar 2019

Inference Releases Natural Language Processing for AI-Powered Self-Service

Inference Studio 6.0 Includes Support for Google Dialogflow NLP and IBM Watson Tone Analyzer.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 12 Mar 2019

Participants at Global UNESCO Conference on Artificial Intelligence Urge Rights-based Governance of AI

A clear consensus emerged on the need to ensure a human-centered governance of artificial intelligence (AI) during UNESCO's Principles for AI: Towards a Humanistic Approach? Global Conference on 4 March at the Organization's Headquarters.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 07 Mar 2019

Smart AI English Pronunciation Assistant ELSA Secures $7 Million in Series A Funding

Backed by Gradient Ventures, Google's AI-focused venture fund, the company expands.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 07 Mar 2019

Uniphore Launches auMina QSense  to Transform Performance Management

New solution enables those in customer-facing roles to derive actionable insights via innovative conversational AI-based analytics features.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 07 Mar 2019

Verbit Launches AI-powered, Real-Time Transcription Solution

AI-driven transcription company introduces a solution for generating speech-to-text through Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) technology.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 05 Mar 2019

ReadSpeaker is Gathering Voiceware, Neospeech, VoiceText and rSpeak Under a Unified Umbrella Brand

Five companies combined under ReadSpeaker brand to offer a complete voice solution.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Feb 2019

Voicesense Enhances Call Center Offering with Predictive Analytics

New version includes AI-driven customer and agent profiling during live call center operations for driving sales and customer retention.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 28 Feb 2019