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Artificial Solutions Announces Proposed Listing on Nasdaq First North

Artificial Solutions Holding ASH AB, a specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced that it has entered into a reverse takeover agreement with Indentive AB.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 29 Jan 2019

Avaya and Verint Extend Workforce Engagement Management for Cloud

Cloud-based deployments bring new operational intelligence capabilities to more contact centers to transform the customer experience.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 24 Jan 2019

Hailo Expands Series A Round to $21M and Launches Hailo-8 Fast Track Program for Select Customers

Israeli startup Hailo, developers of a proprietary processing architecture for deep learning on edge devices, has expanded its Series A funding round to $21 million.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 22 Jan 2019

Spext, Voice to Text Technology, Wins Global Startup Competition for Babson College-Affiliated Entrepreneurs

The Indian Angel Network announced that the winner of the IAN Global Startup Competition for Babson College affiliated entrepreneurs is Spext, a technology that turns recorded voice content into useful, editable content.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Jan 2019

Universal Electronics Offers Smart Home Digital Assistant Platform with Embedded Voice Control and Branded Assistant Experience

By fusing UEI's Nevo Butler Smart Home Hub (powered by nevo.ai) with trulyhandsfree speech recognition from Sensory, UEI's customers are able to create powerful voice-enabled digital assistants that feature brand-specific wake words and cloud-free voice control.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Jan 2019

The Alexa Conference Names the 2019 Alexa Award Finalists

The Alexa Conference, presented by podcast network VoiceFirst.FM, announced the finalists of the 2019 Alexa Awards. The winners will be announced during the upcoming conference.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Jan 2019

Consumers Increase Adoption of Smart Home Devices, Interest in New Tech for Entertainment Purposes

Research from leading real-time insights company gauges US consumer attitudes, purchase intent and adoption of consumer electronics ahead of CES 2019.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Jan 2019

CEVA Introduces WhisPro, Neural Network-Based Speech Recognition Technology For Voice Assistants and IoT Devices

Trigger Phrase SDKit for always-on devices extends CEVA's intelligent sound IP portfolio, offering customers a holistic solution for voice-controlled devices such as smartphones, smart speakers, Bluetooth earbuds, and more.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Jan 2019

Sensory Releases Cloud-Free Voice Control for Bluetooth Speakers

Designed to not invade user privacy or record user conversations, Sensory's VoiceGenie Smart Speaker reference design is a low-cost solution for enabling voice-powered music control on Bluetooth speakers.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Jan 2019

Sensory Releases Embedded AI That Allows Voice Assistants and IoT Devices to Identify a Wide Variety of Home Sounds

TrulySecure Sound ID identifies sounds within the home and can send messages to homeowners.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Jan 2019

Report Says IVA Market to surpass USD 11.5 billion by 2024

The IVA market is anticipated to grow significantly over the forecast timeframe due to the growing demand for online self-service, self-reliance, and rapid query resolution requirements. Websites are becoming the preferred service channels to gain information, make purchase decisions, and resolve issues. 
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 02 Jan 2019

ENACOMM and Carousel Industries Partner to Provide Financial Institutions with Voice Banking and Intelligent IVR

Carousel Industries to help banks and credit unions transform customer self-service through data-driven phone and digital assistant banking.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Dec 2018

Dragon Medical Speech Recognition Microphone Allows Clinicians to Transcribe Anywhere in Privacy

Accurately document patient information without being overheard by others while additionally eliminating all background noise.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 18 Dec 2018

Voiceweb Foundation Wants to Use Voicecoin to Fund Voice Internet

Voiceweb Foundation‘s vision, according to its website, is "To advance with the times, we will build a decentralized voice WEB by establishing a domain name system that conforms to the voice age, stimulates the creativity of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, liberates the Internet, and frees the Internet from the monopoly of centralized forces, bringing greater conveniences to the public."
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 18 Dec 2018

YITU Announces Mandarin Speech Recognition Technology

Chinese Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, YITU Technology, has unveiled a Mandarin speech recognition system, showcasing what it says is unprecedented levels of accuracy achieved by such technology thus far.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 Dec 2018

TEN DIGIT Communications Selects ID R&D to Provide Biometric Authentication to its Intelligent Messaging Platform

The company's TDC BRIDGE customers will be authenticated by keystroke, facial liveness, and voice biometrics.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 13 Dec 2018

New Research Confirms Businesses Will Pivot to a Voice First Strategy Within Five Years

Partial capture, inaccessible data and lack of data sovereignty identified as the key issues holding businesses back.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Dec 2018

Voci Technologies Introduces Advanced Voice-Based Biometrics Solution

Voci says new technology makes it easy to develop apps to prevent fraud, safeguard privacy, and improve customer experience.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 Dec 2018

Verint Launches Automated Verification, a Robotics Process Automation Solution to Eliminate Manual Testing of Communications Systems

New automation solution is designed to reduce costs, as well as improve compliance and customer experience.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 Dec 2018

Speechmatics Announces Next Generation Language Update

Machine learning innovation leads to Next Generation languages, with improved accuracy of up to 16%.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 06 Dec 2018

RankMiner Takes Third-Place Finish in Innovation Program

RankMiner's AI tech offers predictive voice analytics solution for call centers.   
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Dec 2018

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Join our new Facebook Group, "Ask the Speech Tech Experts" and become a part of the speech technology community.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Dec 2018

Gopal Voice Suite Available in 12 Indian Languages

Reverie introduces a voice suite that integrates with chatbots and IVR solutions in 12 languages.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 29 Nov 2018

WeWork’s Alexa for Business Experiment Ended

Just two months after putting Alexa for Business in its conference rooms, WeWork ended the experiment.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 29 Nov 2018

CLICKVIEW Partners with Dolbey and Company Inc.

Dolbey and Company Inc. announced that it has partnered with CLICKVIEW, a provider of Digital Radiology Informatics reporting, with Dolbey's cloud-based speech recognition solution, Fusion Narrate powered by nVoq.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 29 Nov 2018

Nuance Introduces PowerScribe One Radiology Reporting Platform

Nuance says platform delivers AI-powered workflow efficiency and accuracy to improve disease detection, diagnosis, follow-up and treatment.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 29 Nov 2018

Alexa Skill Assesses Whether You’ve Been Naughty or Nice

Lehigh Valley, PA digital marketing start-up launches holiday-themed Alexa skill and Google action to reward good behavior and challenge users to help pay it forward.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 27 Nov 2018

Nuance Announces Automotive Software Unit

Nuance says it will spin-off its automotive business segment into a separate company.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 27 Nov 2018

Estonian Startup Raises 1 Million € to Develop AI Robot Bartender

A robot bartender promises to improve efficiency at busy bars.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 27 Nov 2018