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Domino's Brings Pizza Ordering by Voice to Amazon Echo

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Domino's Pizza is letting customers use voice to order pizza deliveries via the Amazon Echo device.
Posted Feb 3, 2016
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Just in time for the big game Feb. 7, Domino's Pizza is bringing its Domino's Tracker and ordering capabilities to Amazon Echo.

As the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers get ready for Super Bowl 50, Domino's expects to sell more than 12 million pizza slices nationwide on game day—about five times more than on a typical Sunday. And now, Domino's customers can place and track orders using Amazon Echo.

"Ordering via Amazon Echo marks Domino's eighth platform in the suite of AnyWare technology," said Dennis Maloney, Domino's vice president and chief digital officer, in a statement. "We want to continue making ordering pizza as convenient as possible, and this is no exception. Customers can order from anywhere they are, including from the comfort of their couch while watching Sunday's football game."

"The magic of ordering pizza without lifting a finger and just using your voice is now a reality with Alexa and Domino's," said Rob Pulciani, director of Amazon Alexa, in a statement. "We've made it easy for companies like Domino's to use the Alexa Skills Kit to create more natural, intuitive ways for customers to interact with their services."

To place an Easy Order or most recent order, customers must enable the Domino's skill within the Amazon Alexa app by linking their accounts to their Domino's Pizza Profiles. To simply track their order, Domino's customers must enter the phone number associated with the order and Alexa will provide its current status.

"Domino's is the first in the pizza and quick-service restaurant industries to have an Amazon Alexa skill," said Maloney. "We're extremely proud to be the only restaurant company in the U.S. that gives customers the ability to order via emoji, Twitter, text, smart TV, and now Amazon Echo."

Domino's was also the first to launch a voice-enabled virtual assistant named "Dom" to its iPhone and Android mobile apps for ordering pizzas. The assistant, which launched in June 2014, is powered by Nuance Communications' Nina Mobile, an intelligent virtual assistant that leverages speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language understanding technology.

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