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How to Assemble a Conversational Development Team for Virtual Agents (Video)

USAA's Brett Knight describes all the players enterprises should assemble when planning conversational development for virtual agents in this clip from SpeechTEK 2018.
Industry Voices, Posted 27 Jul 2018

Speech Professionals Should Think Big but Meet Local

Local meet-ups foster much-needed community and connections.
The View from AVIOS, Posted 30 Jan 2018

Mitel Expands MiContact Center

Mitel's expanded MiContact Center service offering brings more capabilities for mobile customers.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 05 Jul 2016

Aspect Previews Aspect Via

Aspect Via delivers native interaction management, workforce optimization, IVR, and digital self-service capabilities. (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 11 May 2016

NICE Brings Multichannel Recording to Skype for Business

Organizations can now manage internal and external communications while recording, storing, and archiving them using NICE Engage.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 04 Jan 2016

Sensory Releases TrulySecure 2.0

TrulySecure 2.0 features deep learning to improve the user experience and accuracy of the combined voice and facial recognition biometrics solution.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Nov 2015

Genesys Launches AppFoundry, a Customer Service App Marketplace

AppFoundry will be the only enterprise marketplace "focused 100 percent on service solutions." (Featured on SmartCustomerService.com.)
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 05 Nov 2015

Xura Adds a Financial Services Suite to Its Enterprise Platform

Click-to-video, voice, and instant chat are some of the features added to the Enterprise Suite for financial services.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 27 Oct 2015

Speech Industry Sees a Flurry of Patent Activity

More than 21,000 patents have been granted in the United States since 2000, a report from iRunway finds.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 14 Sep 2015

North Side Releases VerbalAccess for Banks

VerbalAccess allows banking customers to access services with voice or text messaging.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 14 Sep 2015

Speech Will Be a Main Interface for Mobile Devices by 2020, Tractica Predicts

Tractica expects speech recognition to achieve 82 percent penetration in smartphones, tablets, and wearables in five years.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 26 Aug 2015

Sensory's TrulySecure Face and Voice Biometrics Technology Is Certified by FIDO

TrulySecure biometric authentication from Sensory has been fully tested and certified for compliance with the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework Specifications.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 21 Aug 2015

Nuance Enhances Conversational Multichannel Customer Self-Service

Nuance has extended its natural language understanding technology and conversational artificial intelligence solutions across more channels.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 17 Aug 2015

Virtual Digital Assistant Market to Quadruple in Five Years

Research firm Tractica expects the market for digital virtual assistants to grow from 821 million in 2014 to more than 3.3 billion by 2020.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 13 Jul 2015

Sensory Releases Embedded Speaker Verification SDK

New speaker verification component of the TrulySecure platform can be integrated into devices as either text-dependent or text-independent.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 30 Jun 2015

Nuance PowerMic and Samsung Smartwatch App Connects Physicians to Speech Recognition

By using smartphones as microphones, and watches as dictation devices, healthcare is more connected than ever.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 21 Apr 2015

Microsoft Inks Deal with Telefonica to Bring Cortana to TVs

Movistar TV Go on Windows Phone integrates Cortana, Microsoft's natural speech personal assistant.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 09 Mar 2015

Sensory Continues Expansion, Rolls Out Voice Biometric Solution AppLock

Free Android app is the latest in a series of announcements from the company this month.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 27 Jan 2015

Tropo Launches Hypervoice Assistant Ito

Ito is built on the company's RTC platform using CaaS technology.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Jan 2015

BT Adds Video Messaging Service to Cloud Contact

Cloud Contact's new video capabilities let companies record personalized video messages for customers.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 20 Jan 2015