The View from AVIOS

A Perfect Storm of Speech Technologies

Now's the time to consider what new applications might be possible.

Answer Technology: A Necessary Step in Human-Computer Conversation

Digital assistants need to get better at answering user questions to keep the conversation going.

Conversing with Computers: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

The AVIOS conference showed how the human-computer connection is rapidly evolving.

The Path Ahead (and Behind) for Conversational AI

You have to crawl before you can walk (and talk).

The Future of Intelligent Voice Assistants

Will you have one voice assistant or many? Which model will dominate?

We Need Answers: Conversational Systems and Answer Technology

Digital assistants are getting better all the time, and answer technology needs to keep pace

Speech Technology Is Not Yet Conversational Technology

The industry still lacks tools to support true conversation

The Dilemma of AI Transparency

Humans are still suspicious of AI, even when we know what we're dealing with

Speech Understanding: The Next Leap in Speech Recognition

Deep learning and the data that feeds it will drive speech tech's commercial use

Google’s Duplex Lets a Bot Be Your Voice

Thanks to the Duplex technology, Google Assistant can make simple calls on your behalf. But how much automation is too much?

Speech Professionals Should Think Big but Meet Local

Local meet-ups foster much-needed community and connections.

Human vs. Artificial Intelligence: Both Can Wind Up Winning

The best customer care speech solutions leverage machines and live agents working together

Speech Recognition and the Connected Car

The in-car speech experience is moving from basic command and control to natural interactions with automotive assistants

Speech Technologies Are at a Tipping Point

Thanks to a convergence of technologies, seamless touch-talk-type interactions are now within reach

The AVIOS Student Contest Salutes Tomorrow's Speech Talent

In its 10th year, the competition yields apps for everyday use

Speech Science in the Era of Big Data

Classical databases for speech are expensive and may lack diversity. But there's a solution: the Internet

Growing the Pool of Speech Developers

College students combine creativity with hands-on learning.

The Evolution of Speech Recognition

Meeting the demand for natural language interaction is becoming easier—and essential.

Building Smarter Systems with Cognitive Computing

If speech technology is so valuable, why is adoption so slow?

Beyond Speech in the Car

Automotive safety calls for a holistic approach.