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Category: Translation/Localization Services

BBC Pilots Automatic Translation Tool

Technology automatically converts news scripts to other languages and speaks them aloud with text-to-speech synthesis.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 21 Dec 2015

Lionbridge and Rocket Sound Partner of Videogame Voice Solution

The two companies will deliver an integrated solution for multilingual videogame voice production.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 08 Jun 2015

Digital Alert Systems Offers Translation for Emergency Alerts

DASDEC OmniLingual Alert Module simplifies the delivery of emergency alert text and voice messages in multiple languages.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 15 Apr 2015

ABC-CLIO Adds TTS, Translation Services

Video learning modules, text-to-speech and translation capabilities provide educators new approaches to teaching historical concepts and critical thinking.
Speech Technology Digest, Posted 10 Feb 2015

Skype Translator Emerges in Preview Version

Microsoft yesterday released a limited version of its real-time, speech-enabled translator.
Speech Technology News Features, Posted 16 Dec 2014