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May 21, 2008


Mining for Meaning

Contextualizing calls prepares speech analytics for mainstream adoption.

Industry View

Ancient Applications

Though technology has advanced, speech is still a second-class citizen.

Speech Technology News Features

A New Set of Call Center Metrics

SpeechCycle's Caller Experience Index creates a numerical score that assesses the efficacy of call center solutions.

Verint Wins Patent Case Against NICE Systems

Court awards Verint $3.3 million in damages in a speech analytics patent infringement suit.

Voice Biometrics a Fan Favorite Among Consumers

Vendors at this year's Voice Biometrics Conference in New York can expect elevated threat levels to be a catalyst for their burgeoning market.

Medical Transcriptionists Take Their Case to Washington

Industry associations discuss their industry and speech recognition's affect on it with members of Congress.

Voice as a Diet Aid

Companies team to develop a voice-enabled food tracking system for mobile phones.

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