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The Voice Option in Customer Service Must Not Be the Only One

Sometimes keypads are necessary. They cannot be taken out of the service equation.
Voice Value, Posted 21 Feb 2018

Robotic Process Automation Reduces Human Grunt Work

Chatbots and IVAs get all the ink, but RPA applications are vital to a smooth contact center operation
Voice Value, Posted 10 Nov 2017

Voice Data Collection Must Be Transparent

Consumers need to know whether their data will be used, and for what purpose
Voice Value, Posted 27 Aug 2017

Virtual Assistants Make Speech Technology Relevant Worldwide

Customers everywhere are growing increasingly comfortable talking to IVAs
Voice Value, Posted 24 Apr 2017

How Private Is Medical Speech Data?

Not very, as ‘anonymized' data and privacy policies show. Meaningful consent might be a start
Voice Value, Posted 17 Feb 2017

Doctors’ Speech Data Should Belong to Them

Vendors' privacy policies can put physicians using speech recognition in a tough spot
Voice Value, Posted 10 Nov 2016

Is Your Voice Data Safe in the Cloud?

Cloud-based files may have less legal protections than you think
Voice Value, Posted 01 Aug 2016

Thanks, Siri! Speech Technology Is Remaking Customer Interactions

The digital transformation of customer care is coming, and speech technology will be at the forefront
Voice Value, Posted 14 Jun 2016

Lessons From the Allvoice Patent Case

What the speech developer's suit against Microsoft means for software makers
Voice Value, Posted 15 Feb 2016

Speech Technology in the IoT Era

As companies strive to build a connected world, obstacles persist—and so do opportunities
Voice Value, Posted 09 Nov 2015

Making Speech Recognition Accessible to All

Compliance with federal disability standards is both right and good business
Voice Value, Posted 07 Aug 2015

Technical Support, Speech Technologies, and the Internet of Things

The emerging SIO category offers a balance of assistance for agents and users
Voice Value, Posted 08 May 2015

In Patent Cases, Transformation Is the Key

Software validation stems from invalidation in Supreme Court case.
Voice Value, Posted 02 Feb 2015

Are Obvious Patent Requests Simple Omissions—or Crimes?

Why the patent application process needs narrower boundaries.
Voice Value, Posted 10 Nov 2014

Protecting Patents Just Got Easier

Do Supreme Court decisions limit patent abuse?
Voice Value, Posted 28 Jul 2014

Big Data in the Contact Center

Speech analytics is just the beginning.
Voice Value, Posted 30 Apr 2014

Smartphones and Privacy Versus Progress

With personal information more available than ever, where do we draw the line?
Voice Value, Posted 10 Feb 2014

Omnichannel Contact Centers Embrace Speech

Suddenly, the technology is everywhere.
Voice Value, Posted 15 Nov 2013

How Much Protection Does Software Really Need?

The unique nature of software patents makes the question a complicated one.
Voice Value, Posted 12 Aug 2013

The Evolution of Virtual Assistants

Siri may be at the forefront, but she's far from on her own.
Voice Value, Posted 10 May 2013

Universal Design Offers Options—and Access

For many, this solution provides more than just convenience.
Voice Value, Posted 10 Feb 2013

Enter Cross-Channel Proactive Customer Engagement

Being proactive is one thing. Getting it right is another.
Voice Value, Posted 10 Nov 2012

Improving Access to the Virtual World

Universal design standards are opening doors to those with disabilities.
Voice Value, Posted 10 Sep 2012

Mobile Customer Care Just Got Stickier

Siri's got company, and there's more coming.
Voice Value, Posted 10 Jul 2012

Putting a Price on Privacy

Are consumers sharing more than they know?
Voice Value, Posted 01 May 2012

Fatal Distractions

Speech tech companies promote hands-free devices to prevent accidents.
Voice Value, Posted 01 Mar 2012

The High Cost of Technology

It's hard to argue against progress, but it has its downside, too.
Voice Value, Posted 01 Jan 2012

IVR Relinquishes the Gatekeeper Role

One company blends human interaction with speech self-service.
Voice Value, Posted 01 Nov 2011

eBooks for the Visually Impaired

Kindle and other readers come up short; Justice Dept. pushes textbooks
Voice Value, Posted 01 Sep 2011