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The Intelligent IVR Sparks Smarter Interactions

IVRs need to incorporate customer data and gather intent to improve interactions.
Sounding Board, Posted 17 Oct 2014

How Smart IVR Design Choices Can Improve the Customer Experience

Some tips for designing IVRs that will not confound callers.
Sounding Board, Posted 06 Aug 2014

10 Steps for Evaluating and Deploying a Voice Solution in an Omnichannel Order Fulfillment Environment

Tips for the warehouse operator looking to implement a voice solution.
Sounding Board, Posted 22 Nov 2013

Capture and Share Valuable Data Faster with Voice Technology

Dictation hardware and software can have a dramatic effect on any company's bottom line.
Sounding Board, Posted 31 Oct 2013

Managing Text-to-Speech Expectations

Being clear up front and providing options will make the technology an easier sell.
Sounding Board, Posted 27 Sep 2013

Wearable Voice: The Next Big Thing

Wearable technology brings voice apps with me wherever I go with little effort on my part.
Sounding Board, Posted 09 Sep 2013

Can Watson Replace Customer Service Agents?

IBM's famed computer will still need improved speech technologies to be fully effective.
Sounding Board, Posted 24 Jul 2013

Call Centers and Company Personal Assistants

Adding a personal assistant will require some work, but the pay-off can be great.
Sounding Board, Posted 20 May 2013

Speech Technology: A Day in the Life

Speech is already making life easier every day.
Sounding Board, Posted 22 Mar 2013

A Growing Acceptance of Computer-Generated Voice Technology

Consumer trust of IVRs is being propelled by mainstream mobile applications.
Sounding Board, Posted 04 Jan 2013

Cloud-Based PBX and Fixed-Mobile Convergence

A cloud-based PBX should have all the capabilities of the fixed-line version.
Sounding Board, Posted 12 Dec 2012

Reliability Is the Key to an IVR Selection

When choosing an IVR system, look for a vendor that offers a complete solution on its own.
Sounding Board, Posted 14 Nov 2012

Minimize Disaster Impacts

Keeping your contact center functioning is the primary goal.
Sounding Board, Posted 28 Oct 2012

Promises and Promise

Automatic speech recognition still falls short after 60 years of research, but there is progress.
Sounding Board, Posted 11 Oct 2012

Come Let Us Design Together

The (tongue-in-cheek) lamentations of a VUI designer.
Sounding Board, Posted 10 Sep 2012

Customer Intelligence through Call Metrics, Recording, and Speech Analytics

New technology advancements make customer intelligence tools more available to everyone.
Sounding Board, Posted 27 Aug 2012

It's Time to Accept Responsibility for Your IVR

Sounding Board, Posted 14 Mar 2012

Voice Technology Completes the Virtual Office

Speech processing efficiencies deliver powerful competitive advantages.
Sounding Board, Posted 16 Jan 2012

The Siri Effect

How mobile applications have been changed forever.
Sounding Board, Posted 19 Dec 2011

Siri Is the Real Thing

Apple's serious investment in the new iPhone 4S app is a turning point for the industry.
Sounding Board, Posted 29 Nov 2011

Bridging the Mobile App Gap

Mobile strategy insights for the financial industry contact center.
Sounding Board, Posted 27 Oct 2011

How Can You Help Me?

First you need to understand what I'm saying
Sounding Board, Posted 22 Aug 2011

Can You Hear Us Now?

The smartphone revolution is changing speech technology.
Sounding Board, Posted 13 Jul 2011

Contact Center-as-a-Service

Virtualization makes sense for contact centers
Sounding Board, Posted 08 Jun 2011

IVR Can Play a Role in a Sales Center

The IVR doesn't have to take on the role of selling to be an effective tool.
Sounding Board, Posted 09 May 2011

The Key to Speech Analytics Is in the Cloud

Many business problems can be solved using cloud-hosted speech search and cloud-based storage technology.
Sounding Board, Posted 09 Mar 2011

Uniting Multichannel Service with Today’s Multidimensional Customer

Customer interaction analytics solutions help break down the siloes of data that exist at most organizations.
Sounding Board, Posted 09 Feb 2011

Demystifying Natural Language

Natural language clears up the out-of-grammar challenges faced by speech recognition systems.
Sounding Board, Posted 14 Dec 2010

The Voice in the Cloud

New offerings put anything and everything into the clouds.
Sounding Board, Posted 05 Nov 2010