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Artificial Solutions Unveils a Software Toolkit for Adding Speech to Mobile Apps

Teneo Toolkit includes Interaction Engine, Teneo Studio, and Teneo Insight.
Posted Jan 17, 2012
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Artificial Solutions, a natural language interaction (NLI) specialist, is set to unveil its Teneo Toolkit at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, next month.

The Teneo Toolkit will allow developers to include Artificial Solutions' patented technology and enable mobile apps, software programs, or devices to think, reason, and converse in an intelligent, humanlike manner, regardless of platform, device, or language.

The Teneo Toolkit packages the Teneo platform into a cloud-based suite of tools designed specifically for the developer community. Included in the toolkit is Teneo Interaction Engine, Artificial Solutions' patented NLI engine that is the core of the Teneo platform; Teneo Studio, a graphical interface that is used to build and maintain sophisticated conversation dialogues; and Teneo Insight, which provides in-depth analysis of end user interactions.

"Siri has raised the profile of natural language processing, but the lack of a dedicated toolkit and the platform restrictions have left many developers frustrated that they cannot easily deliver what their clients and end users want: the ability for natural language capabilities to be included easily into a wide range of mobile and online services," says Dominic Sancto, vice president of mobile business innovation at Artificial Solutions. "The Teneo Toolkit provides developers with the ability to quickly implement their own intelligent assistants thanks to Artificial Solutions' unique technology that removes the reliance on linguistic experts."

Artificial Solutions' NLI technology interprets the meaning and context of queries and can learn, reason, understand, and then apply this knowledge to real customer interactions. Last year the company launched Teneo Mobile, a platform-independent alternative to Apple's Siri technology, which enables Artificial Solutions' blue-chip clients to port their Web-based assistants as mobile apps.

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