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NeoSpeech Powers Web2go Web Site Reader

Software gives voice to blogs and Web sites.
Posted Feb 12, 2013
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Speech technology solution provider NeoSpeech announced that its VoiceTextTM TTS software is the engine behind the Volacent Web2go Internet site reader for Android phones.

Using artificial reading intelligence and NeoSpeech TTS, Web2go reads blogs and Web sites out loud with a simple tap of a button. Content can be listened to in real time, as soon as it is published. BBC.com, USA Today.com, HuffingtonPost.com, and CNN.com are just some of the sites available through the app.

Web2go reads only the meaningful text from the articles with state of the art, in-app, text-to-speech from NeoSpeech. There is no need to manually install, buy, or upgrade a third-party engine. Web2go offers full Bluetooth support and offers access to more than 100 Web sites, with new ones added daily; as well as the ability to email articles for further reading.

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