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CallMiner and SPSS Align

CallMiner and SPSS joined forces.
Posted Apr 24, 2007
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CallMiner, a developer of speech analytics, and SPSS, a worldwide provider of predictive analytics software, joined forces.

By aligning CallMiner's speech analytics solution, CallMiner Eureka!, with the SPSS predictive enterprise platform, CallMiner and SPSS will provide businesses with the ability to determine why customers are calling, how calls are handled, and determine future customer behavior.

CallMiner Eureka! is a speech analytics solution that analyzes and reports on the content, context, purpose, and result of every recorded conversation handled by contact center agents. It mines and analyzes every word of every call, as well as captures acoustic data (tempo, silence, and stress), meta-data, and customer information.

SPSS predictive analytics technology provides organizations with insight into both structured and unstructured data (call center notes, email, blogs, and Wikis). The addition of voice data enables SPSS to text mine repositories of information and, at the same time, factor in attributes like voice stress and emotion.

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