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Edify Server Integrates Business Rules and Data Access

SANTA CLARA, CA - Edify's C-Server provides integration of business rules anddata access across all enterprise touchpoints.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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SANTA CLARA, CA - Edify's C-Server provides integration of business rules and data access across all enterprise touchpoints. The business rules are created, modified and maintained with the same tools allowing these business rules to apply across all applications, reducing the development time, testing time and maintenance of applications. As an example, a business campaign can be developed with an Edify application and driven through Voice XML, HTML and WML, ensuring consistency and intelligence across the voice, Web and wireless channels. "BellSouth partners with Edify to deploy innovative Voice XML applications. Bell South offers complete communications solutions for businesses through its robust product and services portfolio and by aligning with technology leaders," said Stuart Andrus, sales assistant vice president for BellSouth. "By leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the Edify 8 enterprise platform, BellSouth provides added value to its customers through enhanced functionality and capabilities that allow customers to further streamline business operations and increase efficiency." Working with Digital Voice Systems, an Edify partner, GE Medical Systems expanded their original Edify Voice deployment to include Edify's wireless, Web, and speech recognition offerings. "Edify's comprehensive platform allows GE Medical to integrate all of their information systems for all communication channels, including telephone, Web, wireless and PDA," said Tom Parrott, Digital Voice Systems' president. SAFECO deployed several Edify Voice self-service solutions for their Property and Casualty Insurance customers and independent agents. SAFECO then leveraged Edify's Web offering to provide its customers and agents another automation channel. "The voice and Web channels can utilize the same Edify components, ensuring an overall consistent customer experience," said Lee Rutherford of SAFECO's Contact Center Technologies group.
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