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GM Voices Partners With Voxeo

The two companies team up to provide voice-over services for IVR recordings.
Posted Dec 19, 2011
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GM Voices and Voxeo have teamed up to provide partner and reseller opportunities for voice-over recording services for a suite of interactive voice response (IVR) and self-service communication technologies.

GM Voices, a producer of professionally-recorded voice prompts for automated technologies, and Voxeo, have previously worked together on several interrelated projects.

"From product innovation to customer satisfaction to an enthusiastic, aligned corporate culture, it’s all happening for these guys right now," said Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices, in a statement. "These are the qualities we look for in a partner, and we've been thrilled with the access we've been given to Voxeo's extended family of resellers."

"Voxeo is empowering companies to create loyal customers and reduce costs at the same time," Kim Martin, director of marketing at Voxeo, said in a statement. "Our partnership with GM Voices allows us to tell our story more effectively during the sales process, as well as better equip our resellers to help clients engage customers in a friendly, natural, brand-consistent manner."

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