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IVR Interactions Cost Seven Times Less than Live Calls, ContactBabel Finds

In a new research report, ContactBabel found that the basic IVR self-service interaction costs an average of 98 cents.
Posted Apr 1, 2014
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A phone call handled by interactive voice response self-service costs an average of 98 cents, more than seven times less than a live phone call, according to new research from ContactBabel.

The research, presented in the research firm's "The Inner Circle Guide to Self-Service," found that the cost of IVR interactions was also "significantly less" than those for email or Web chat.

Additionally, U.S. businesses could save nearly $15 billion each year by automating their customer identification and security processes, the research found.

And, according to the research, virtual Web-service agents can deflect 25 percent of calls and 50 percent of email away from the contact center.

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