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Isabel Healthcare Partners with VoiceHIT

EHR information system supports speech-to-text
Posted Apr 11, 2012
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Isabel Healthcare will integrate the Isabel diagnosis decision support system with VoiceHIT's Better Day EHR platform, which combines speech-to-text, mobile devices, and Web-based technologies to streamline clinical documentation.

Better Day EHR combines natural speech processing with mobile devices and Internet-based technologies to create a new way to document patient encounters, making available key clinical data needed for the healthcare providers to make an accurate diagnosis at the point of care. The embedded documentation and coding assistance will increase efficiency while reducing physician practice costs.

"The Better Day EHR software will significantly improve the way doctors and other providers review and consider diagnoses while reducing the time these providers spend in front of a computer," said Don Bauman, CEO, Isabel Healthcare, in a statement.

Using predictive modeling along with third-party applications and devices, Better Day EHR facilitates patient-provider collaboration to manage health, fitness, and chronic disease proactively.

"The Better Day platform streamlines documentation and eliminates the computer as a barrier between patients and providers," said Peter Ragusa, MD, CEO for VoiceHIT, in a statement. "Working with innovative partners, like Isabel Healthcare, we are redefining the EHR model and, in doing so, we are offering a new vision to the healthcare community, one that nearly eliminates time spent documenting and coding encounters and allows for significantly more quality time with patients. More importantly than reducing costs and improving efficiency, this shift will yield better care."

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