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M*Modal Releases Fluency and NLU Coding for Epic EHR

M*Modal NLU Coding is an advanced solution that can be integrated with the Epic coding workflow.
Posted Dec 5, 2016
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M*Modal, a provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding solutions, has integrated the M*Modal Fluency for Coding and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Coding with the coding workflow of Epic EHR systems. This new integration brings M*Modal Fluency for Coding to the EHR coding workflow and enables seamless connects between systems and processes that support clinical coders.

With this integrated solution, M*Modal turns the coding workflow into a single process, minimizing toggling between the EHR and M*Modal CAC solution.

Built on a proprietary NLU technology platform, the integrated M*Modal CAC solution advances M*Modal's work with Epic. M*Modal NLU technology can also be leveraged to support the Epic Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) module and the NoteReader back-end workflow.

"Our goal for this NLU solution is to eliminate competing workflows between EHR systems and NLU solutions with regard to routing, work queues, report generation, etc.," said Detlef Koll, chief technology officer at M*Modal, in a statement. "This solution complements the EHR coding workflow to significantly increase productivity and improve coding accuracy, while avoiding workflow duplication."

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