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NICE Integrates with APCO 9-1-1 Advisor

The integration will allow for retrieval and playback of 911 calls within one system.
Posted Aug 12, 2016
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NICE is partnering with Smart Horizons to integrate the NICE Inform solution with APCO 9-1-1 Adviser to streamline the process of reviewing and evaluating 9-1-1 telecommunicator interactions with the public.

Using the integrated solution, quality assurance evaluators will be able to search for, retrieve, and play back call audio recordings captured in NICE Inform directly within the 9-1-1 Adviser case review interface. 9-1-1 Adviser also works with the VPI Empower 911 solution in a similar manner.

9-1-1 Adviser uses APCO's protocol to guide call handling, prioritize the response level of a call, and provide pre-arrival instructions to the caller. The solution also includes tools to evaluate telecommunicators’ adherence to this same criteria.

NICE Inform records, manages, and synchronizes multichannel interactions between citizens, telecommunicators, and first responders to provide a complete, true record of incidents.

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