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NeoSpeech Tool Helps ESL Students with English

Magic English Plus is an English as a Second Language learning application that runs on personal computers.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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Magic English Plus is an English as a Second Language (ESL) learning application that runs on personal computers.

Available from NeoSpeech, a provider of voice-enabled solutions for hand-held, desktop and network/server applications, Magic English Plus allows users to learn English interactively from electronic content. Magic English Plus features a high quality Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine that can read aloud any electronic content chosen by the student in both Korean and English, including content from any web page or text source. Magic English Plus works seamlessly and dynamically. The student can simply point the program at any Web page and it works immediately, without requiring that the student cut and paste. Magic English Plus is also compatible with other electronic text. Magic English Plus is based on complete bilingual dictionaries that enable users to see and hear words, phrases, definitions and examples of word use in both Korean and English. The product also features a customized individual practice dictionary that allows students to build personal lists of words and phrases relevant to their individual needs. With their customized dictionary, students can add any word they wish. The dictionary will allow them to see and hear the word in English, along with its English spelling. They can also hear the definition in Korean, the part-of-speech and an example of the word use in English. In addition, Magic English Plus features a personal editing mode that allows students to add specialized words or pronunciations to their individual practice dictionary. Students can also download practice material generated by Magic English Plus into portable MP3 players.

"NeoSpeech's TTS engine has been known commercially for its high-quality voices and pronunciation," says Lin Chase, NeoSpeech CEO. "With Magic English Plus, we are able to deliver that same quality to students and individual consumers in an application that allows them to interactively learn and understand words in the English language in a context relevant and customizable to their personal needs."

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