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New VoiceCover App Adds Speech to Job Applications

VoiceCover lets job applicants record one-minute audio files to pitch themselves.
Posted Jun 10, 2014
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VoiceCover.com has become one of the first companies to introduce audio into the online job application process with its new VoiceCover platform.

VoiceCover basically serves as a verbal cover letter, allowing job candidates to add a one-minute VoiceCover to their online applications and better pitch themselves by speaking directly about their qualifications and experience. The new service also allows recruiters to ask applicants a question to which the applicants can record their answers. 

"The Internet has made applying for jobs so much easier that most openings are swamped with applicants," said Aref Amiri, founder of VoiceCover, in a statement. "It has become extremely hard for applicants to stand out and for recruiters to quickly separate qualified candidates. We created the new VoiceCover service as a solution to this growing problem. VoiceCover is a more humanized cover letter that lets applicants add a personal note to their application."

"VoiceCover is leveling the playing field for job applicants," Amiri continued. "Now candidates won't miss out on jobs they are qualified for simply because of a poorly written cover letter. VoiceCover is also making recruiters' jobs easier by fostering interaction with applicants right at the beginning of the process instead of later down the line when many man hours have already been wasted."

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