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Nuance Brings Voice Capabilities to Intel Perceptual Computing SDK

SDK Beta 2 helps developers add voice recognition and TTS.
Posted Dec 20, 2012
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Nuance has announced that its Dragon speech recognition and speech synthesis technology is now part of the Intel Perceptual Computing Software Developer Kit 2013 Beta 2, allowing developers to include speech technologies in applications designed for Ultrabook devices running Microsoft Windows.

"Today's announcement is another example of how Intel and Nuance working together is driving advancements in the ways people engage with their digital devices," said Matt Revis, vice president of Dragon Devices at Nuance Mobile, in a statement. "This collaboration also helps drive the evolution of the hardware and software ecosystem required to enable a high-quality, robust voice experience."

The Beta 2 SDK also supports other key perceptual computing usage modes including facial analysis, close-range tracking, and 2D/3D object tracking. The SDK APIs can be used with the Creative Interactive Gesture Camera Developer Kit, a USB-powered, depth-sensor camera tuned for close-range interactivity.

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