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Sensory Adds AI to TrulyNatural

Sensory's latest additions to TrulyNatural speech recognition bring chatbot and avatar technology to consumer devices and apps.
Posted Jun 7, 2017
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Sensory, a provider of on-device artificial intelligence technology, is now bringing chatbots to consumer electronics through new additions to its TrulyNatural line of embedded natural language speech recognition engines.

TrulyNatural has been augmented to include both a chatbot engine that can be used for dialog management and scripting, and talking avatar technology to enable accurate avatar movements, including lip-synchronization. TrulyNatural can now enable consumer products and applications to have a voice driven interface that offers a more conversational style.

The technology can further take advantage of embedded text-to-speech to drive an avatar interface.

Sensory's avatar interface uses a patented non-linear morphing technology to allow facial and mouth movements between Visemes (visual representations of phonemes) to look extremely natural and realistic, even though they are completely automated.

"Sensory is always working toward the future of consumer interfaces by utilizing AI techniques that can reside on device and run on local processors for speed, portability, and flexibility. We now have the ability to put together a plethora of technologies, including text-to-speech, natural language understanding, chatbots, and avatars to create a totally new kind of visual voice interface on consumer products and apps," said Todd Mozer, founder and CEO of Sensory, in a statement.

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