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ServiceLink Introduces Personal Digital Voice Assistant

ServiceLink has added a digital voice assistant to its EXOS digital mortgage platform.
Posted Oct 23, 2017
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ServiceLink, a provider of mortgage services, has added the EXOS Digital Assistant to its EXOS digital mortgage platform. Appraisers, signing agents, real estate agents, and lenders will now have access to a personal digital voice assistant.

EXOS Digital Assistant was created through integration of Google's Dialogflow into ServiceLink's EXOS platform.

"This latest technology enhancement continues to demonstrate ServiceLink's commitment to digitizing mortgage services and breaking the boundaries of mortgage process innovation," said Chris Azur, CEO of ServiceLink, in a statement. "Today, our EXOS technologies are reshaping how lenders look at mortgage services, and our new EXOS Digital Assistant will continue to drive expectations of what the future holds."

EXOS Digital Assistant provides a fully interactive and hands-free communication experience. Built on Dialogflow technology, the conversational experience can reschedule appointments, provide estimated times of arrival, access productivity updates, and more, all through voice interaction.

"As a result of rapid artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) advancements, human-to-computer interaction is gradually moving away from screen interfaces toward a natural interaction through voice," said Kiran Vattem, chief technology officer at ServiceLink, in a statement. "This transition is evident by the fact that 40 percent of smartphone users utilize a voice assistant at least once per day."

The EXOS platform, including EXOS Digital Assistant, is device agnostic, working on both iOS and Android, and free to all users.

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