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Sony Intros Wireless Speaker with Built-In Google Assistant

Sony's newest speaker offers the voice control features of Google Assistant.
Posted Aug 31, 2017
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Sony Electronics has released the LF-S50G wireless speaker with the smart features of the Google Assistant built-in, allowing users to start playing music, turn up the volume, or skip to the next track just by using their voices.

After uttering the "Ok Google" wake-up phrase, users can ask the Assistant on LF-S50G wireless speaker for a weather forecast or traffic information, or simply to set a timer for the eggs. The Assistant on LF-S50G can also control a growing number of smart devices that can do almost everything, from setting the perfect temperature to turning down the lights. Setting up other Google Assistant is easy using the Google Home app and a Wi-Fi connection.

"Now you can get Sony's awesome sound quality and design with the Google Assistant built-in," said Mike Fasulo, president and chief operations officer of Sony Electronics, in a statement. "This functionality is another example of Sony's commitment to customer choice by delivering new and innovative technologies."

The LF-S50G Wireless Speaker will sell for $199.99 beginning in October.

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