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VocalWall Launches Vocal Private Message on Facebook

New application lets users leave voice messages on Facebook pages.
Posted Nov 15, 2011
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Israeli firm VocalWall today launched an application that lets users post private vocal messages on Facebook.

VocalWall is an open vocal platform for posting, listening, and sharing vocal posts from any device, anywhere, at any time! Anyone can post vocal status updates or private messages. Users can listen, reply, and share their experiences on social communities (Facebook, Twitter), Web sites, and the VocalWall application. VocalWall also supports the business communities, where Vocal Posts are premium content for commercial uses, including Vocal Greetings, Vocal Tips, etc.

"I believe this is a great way to send a public or a private vocal greeting, in your own voice, to your family members for Christmas," says Meir Ansher, CEO and founder of VocalWall." With VocalWall, the private voice message is personal, emotional, and as close as possible to being with the other person. To listen to these Vocal Posts you don't have to exit your Facebook page, just press the play button on your wall."

VocalWall is free registration software. Users can download it at http://www.vocalwall.com and start sharing their voices immediately. VocalWall is available on Apple App Store and Android Market.

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