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Vocollect Introduces Talkman T2 Battery Analyzer

Accessory provides battery management capability and ability to plan for battery rotation and replacement.
Posted Nov 1, 2003
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Vocollect introduced its five-bay Talkman T2 Battery Analyzer. The accessory gives Vocollect's Talkman customers the capability to measure battery capacity, allowing users to go on the warehouse floor knowing the status of a battery, and plan for the battery rotation and replacement needs of their specific warehouse operation. "Our batteries are designed to provide a full eight-plus hours of operation for Talkman wearable computers on a single charge, and our customers rely on this performance," said Greg Holland, Vocollect's hardware product manager. "By measuring the charge capacity for each battery as it ages, an operations manager can predict charge life cycles and proactively optimize usage. Plus, they are now armed with qualitative information about how batteries perform under the specific conditions in each of their warehouses or zones, and they can modify operations and/or rotation schedules accordingly." The battery analyzer holds and tests up to five Talkman T2 Lithium-Ion batteries at once. Its compact, tabletop design provides liquid crystal displays for each battery that shows the final capacity when test and charge are complete. If the full charge measurement falls within the ranges specified for specific environments in which the Talkman T2 voice terminal will be used, such as a freezer or chiller, the battery can be expected to hold its charge for an entire work cycle - up to and beyond an eight-hour shift. The battery analyzer is optimized for international usage, so that the display reads in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and documentation is available in English, German, Italian, French or Spanish.

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