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iTouch Chooses Elix for its Worldwide Voice Platform Deployment

MONTREAL, QUEBEC - iTouch announces that ithas chosen Elix to deploy its interactive voice responseinfrastructure for iTouch's wireless services and applications.
Posted Oct 1, 2002
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MONTREAL, QUEBEC - iTouch, (LSE: ITU), the London (UK)-listed Wireless Application Service Provider, announces that it has chosen Elix, developer of turnkey solutions for computer-telephony integration, interactive voice response, speech recognition, customer relationship management and fax, to deploy its interactive voice response infrastructure for iTouch's wireless services and applications. Elix IVS for Windows 2000 will be deployed in iTouch's international operations and will become the preferred Voice platform for the Group. Elix IVS will allow iTouch to develop applications using technologies such as VoIP, ASR, TTS and conferencing to deliver more features to its customer base. Elix IVS for Windows 2000 is a development platform that builds, runs and manages IVR systems, vocal applications and services. Its integrated support for major TTS and ASR engines; its open-standards based structure for skills, applications and development environment; and its library of applications are some of the key features that made Elix IVS for Windows 2000 the platform of choice for iTouch. "With new technologies evolving quickly, iTouch is always looking to stay ahead of the competition by staying at the forefront of the market and by the way it delivers its wireless voice applications to the market," said Jem Eskenazi, Chief Information Officer at iTouch plc. "Elix IVS for Windows 2000 is an extremely flexible platform that is easy to install, configure and monitor. Furthermore, the pricing and integrated support were also important factors in iTouch's decision." In the near future, iTouch will explore new products using emerging standards such as VoiceXML 2.0 to allow a single development environment using Elix VXML browser combined with IVS for Windows 2000.
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