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Intervoice Introduces Speaker Verification with New Banking Application

Financial institutions offer customers fraud protection, satisfy government compliance mandates with Intervoice Banking 4.0.
Posted Nov 13, 2007
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Intervoice today announced the general availability of its Banking 4.0, a banking call center application with speaker verification.
Intervoice Banking 4.0 offers new mechanisms like speaker verification to deliver account information to the customer and protects customer accounts through increased account access security.

Out of the box, Intervoice Banking gives financial institutions a way to provide voice self-service to its customers, either through speech or touchtone. Customers calling into the system can verbally identify themselves, their account and their requests without having to traverse complex menus. Customers benefit from being able to interact with a friendly, conversational system that provides anytime, anywhere access to account information. In addition, the 4.0 version of Intervoice Banking further enriches the set of available features and adds powerful new security options for reducing risk and enabling compliance. Key new features include:

  • Speaker Verification through a voiceprint (a set of measurable characteristics of a human voice that uniquely identifies an individual);
  • Fax, enabling an authenticated caller to receive a fax of transaction detail;
  • Credit Card Accounts, providing customers with information such as account balances, recent transactions, and payment details;
  • Accounts Quick Check, allowing callers to hear the balance of all of their accounts;
  • Account Balance Enhancements;
  • Custom Transfer;
  • Customer Authentication Enhancement;
  • Debit Card/Credit Card Activation/Deactivation;
  • Loan & Credit Card Payment;
  • Loan Payment History;
  • Marketing Messages; and
  • Transaction History Detail.

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