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July 16, 2008


Good Enough for the G-Men

Audio search and mining has its roots in the intelligence community, but the corporate world is where it will really flourish.

Speech Technology News Features

Verizon Launches Hosted Speech Platform

OHSS offers customers the benefits of hosted service with the security and control that were previously only available in premises-based solutions.

Nuance Listens, Smartly

Nuance announced the release of SmartListener software, which allows enterprise speech solutions to handle unexpected caller inputs.

Speech Finds the Right Job

New tool uses linguistic analysis to match sales professionals with potential employers.

SpeechCycle Delivers for Tellme Customers

SpeechCycle and Microsoft subsidiary Tellme announced a partnership in which SpeechCycle will deliver its Rich Phone Applications (RPAs) on Tellme's hosted IVR platform.

Calling Innovators: Build Voice Mashups for Cash

BroadSoft announces Xtended Voice Mashup Contest to spark creation of voice- and calling-enabled applications.


A Framework for Multimodal Apps

W3C drafts the standard in multimodal architectures.

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