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May 02, 2012

Cover Story

How Natural Is NLU?

Technological advances are making interactions engaging, valuable, and even fun.

Editor's Letter

Speech Technology Digest

Harman Adds More Voice to Toyota Telematics System

The Toyota Touch & Go features advanced voice recognition and TTS capabilities.

BrightHouse Networks Offers PhoneTag Voicemail-to-Text

The cable owner and operator is offering the service to its residential and business customers.

Philips Extends SpeechExec's Workflow

The software extension enhances usability and streamlines document creation processes.

Scribe Debuts Speech Solution

Offers greater dictation flexibility and supports multiple workflows.

Speech Technology News Features

A Small Firm Takes on the Big Smartphone Makers over Voice Patents

Potter Voice Technologies is suing Apple, Microsoft, Google, and others over a patent that covers natural language voice control of a computer.

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