Philips Extends SpeechExec's Workflow

Philips Speech Processing, a provider of dictation products and services, today announced that the SpeechExec Speech Recognition Workflow Extension will now be included in the latest version of its SpeechExec Enterprise software suite.

The speech recognition workflow extension allows users to automate document flow by docking the dictation recorder and having dictations automatically downloaded and sent to the speech recognition software for transcription.

The solution ensures businesses can integrate speech recognition technology in a variety of environments to promote efficiency in the transcription process, so they can realize time and cost savings through reduced turn time of documents. The workflow extension module was developed around the idea that users need to be able to automatically send recordings to their speech recognition software, which then transfers the recordings to text documents or fills in predefined templates before they are sent to assistants for correction.

The speech recognition workflow extension within SpeechExec Enterprise also supports the following activities:

  • Automatically uploading dictations to speech recognition programs;
  • Selectively auto-routing from Digital Pocket Memo to speech recognition; and
  • Adapting to user preferences<./li>

"We know that today's business professionals are extremely busy and always on the go, so we developed the Workflow Extension to help them more easily integrate speech recognition into their daily lives," said Thomas Brauner, category leader at Philips Speech Processing, in a statement.

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