Scribe Debuts Speech Solution

Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Inc., has unveiled a new front-end speech recognition solution, Scribe Interactive.

With Scribe Interactive, a healthcare provider uses a speech microphone to dictate into any application on the PC, whether it is an Electronic Medical or Health Record (EMR/EHR) system, word processor, or online transcription editor. The text is immediately generated through front-end speech recognition technology and populates the user's designated transcription layout.

The system supports multiple workflows and has the added feature of leveraging an existing voice profile already built in Scribe's M*Modal's Speech Recognition Engine. With or without a recognized voice profile, users can create verbal commands or "snippets" for added voice recognition efficiency. The technology also enables users to script commands and add or exclude certain phrases particular to the person doing the dictation. These automated audio commands help expedite a fluid and quality text output.

"This new voice recognition tool is stored in the cloud for shared language model creation," said John Weiss, vice president of Scribe, in a statement. "An Internet connection and login permission provides universal access to this powerful dictation tool without expensive software installation, or extensive system training. Since commands, macros, and snippets are in the cloud, any customizations can be transferred if users install Scribe Interactive on another PC."

Customized verbiage for a medical field and commonly used vocabulary, phrases, and macros are housed online and can be used across groups for consistency throughout a department, clinic, or practice. The system enables users to install a dictionary with terms specific to their medical specialty, such as oncology or orthopedics, for increased accuracy and speed of the voice recognition technology. Scribe Interactive offers suggested changes to generated text and allows for localized words and phrases as well.

Users can adopt Scribe Interactive for individual use or license usage through a medical transcription company. Scribe Interactive is priced based on an annual user license.

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