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Broadcore Delivers Speech Recognition Solution for Ardwin Freight

The solution combines advanced speech recognition with cloud communications.
Posted Feb 19, 2013
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Broadcore has deployed its latest speech recognition product for Ardwin Freight.

The speech recognition application asks customers the city and state they are calling from  to ensure that the call is successfully routed to an operator whocan best assist them. By expanding the capability of the BroadSoft telephony platform managed by Broadcore, Ardwin Freight can now take advantage of an ‘on net' speech-enabled IVR service.

"Previously when we wanted to use any advanced IVR or speech recognition services we had to send calls off net and hair pin calls to another IVR providers platform. This meant the cost to service these calls was too great. By speech-enabling our own telephony platform we are now able to manage our costs more effectively with the added bonus of much tighter integration," said Edwin Sahakian, president of Ardwin Freight, in a statement.

"We have been working with Inference Solutions for some time now to establish an advanced IVR and speech recognition service offering that integrates natively with our BroadWorks platform. We are now able to offer all of our customers both inbound and outbound speech recognition applications that can deliver far greater automation opportunities at a much lower cost," said Alan Pourafzal, director of client services at Broadcore, in the statement.

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