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NeoSpeech Releases English Learning Education Program

Speech-enabled software assists in pronunciation comparisons.
Posted Jan 17, 2013
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NeoSpeech has launched a software program that lets users gauge the accuracy of their English language pronunciation by automatically comparing it to a native speaker's pronunciation. Using ASR, NLP, and TTS, VoiceEZCALL English Learning Program automatically recognizes when users speak a word or sentence. The program shows the results in scores with graphics. The scores are based on the accent, intonation, and overall pronunciation patterns. By repeating the suggested pronunciation, users with lower pronunciation scores may learn to speak more properly and understandably. The NeoSpeech "Kate" and "Paul" TTS voices simulate native English speakers voices with high-quality accuracy and sound. VoiceEZCALL is currently available as an SDK for developers and English language educators to develop their own English educational applications tailored to their specific needs. The solution is available as VoiceEZCALL for Server-Linux, Unix; eEZCALL for PC-Windows; and VoiceEZCALL Light-WinCE, Android, iOS.

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