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Start-Up SmartAction Starts with IVR Release

Company adds artificial intelligence to intelligent IVR applications.
Posted Jan 12, 2009
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The Smart Action Co. of Playa del Rey, Calif.,, started operations today with the release of its SmartAction IVR System.

The company is the commercialization subsidiary of Adaptive AI, whose mission is to bring artificial general intelligence to life in business, entertainment, and consumer products.

The system benefits from SmartAction's linguistic and cognitive intelligence of its LiveAGIT Brain. Under development since 2001, the Brain can have natural-language spoken conversations, ask open-ended natural language questions like What can we do for you today?, understand callers' free-form answers, and take it from there.

"We chose to start commercializing our artificial general intelligence, cognition, and linguistics technologies in the IVR market because it's ripe for major improvements in quality and performance," says Richard Koffler, Smart Action's CEO. "Other products deliver relatively tiny advances in performance because they all use the same relatively simplistic underlying technologies and methods. Our superior approach will let us become very successful quickly in this multibillion-dollar technology market that caters to the enormous global market for call centers."

Peter Voss, the company's chairman, founder and chief science and technology officer, adds, "Today we started demonstrating the commercial applications of the far-reaching advances in artificial general intelligence we've been researching and developing since 2001. We plan to follow our IVR products with many future innovations that significantly improve the interaction between humans and computers in business systems, entertainment experiences, and consumer products.

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