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Acapela Adds New Children's TTS Voices

Four new voices round out the company's portfolio for Google Android apps.
Posted May 29, 2013
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Acapela has added four new children's voices to its text-to-speech offerings. Rosie, Harry, Ella, and Josh, available in U.K. and U.S. English, have been added to the app's portfolio, which now includes a total of 91 voices in 30 languages.

The children's voices already enable children around the world with speech impairments to communicate and express their needs, wishes, thoughts, and jokes. Youngsters can now share their words on any Android device for e-learning, games, education, reading and many more apps.

Launched in September 2012, Acapela TTS voices on Google Play have been already downloaded about 25,000 times. Acapela voices are compatible with Android Accessibility features and screen readers, including Google TalkBack, Code Factory Mobile Speak, Spiel, and others. Acapela TTS voices are available as an in-app purchase on Google Play.

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