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CELI Leverages Nuance Transcription Engine

The OEM technology partnership will lead to the development of new solutions for enhanced automated communication between customers and operators.
Posted Sep 14, 2018
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CELI Language Technology, which is a company of the H-FARM group, and is a provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions for the automated processing of natural language will deploy Nuance’s Transcription Engine.

CELI will integrate Nuance Transcription Engine with Sophia Analytics by CELI, which is a platform for the automatic analysis of written texts (Text Mining and Analytics). The resulting integrated tool will be able to extract the maximum possible amount of data and information from recorded speech audio, starting with a transcription.

Speech-to-Text technologies, which form the basis of Nuance Transcription Engine, are assuming an increasingly important role both in everyday life and in business processes, such as Customer Experience surveys for monitoring client satisfaction. Companies often need to analyze feedback left by their users at the end of a telephone conversation, in order to identify pain points and take corrective action promptly, thus increasing levels of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the integration companies will be able to take advantage of a tool that manages both the audio files and transcriptions, using the technology of Nuance Transcription Engine, and also brings them insights from the subsequent textual analysis, courtesy of Sophia Analytics. In this way, scientists, researchers, business analysts, and managers will be able to concentrate on what they do best: giving meaning to the data and developing effective strategies to improve all related activities, such as customer service, customer experience, quality-control of business processes and compliance with internal procedures.

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